Enhance speed and functionality of existing and new SAP EPM functionality by utilising SAP HANA under the bonnet. 

Optimisation to reap benefits of SAP HANA

The EPM suite, whether it sits on a SAP Business Warehouse or directly embedded on SAP S/4HANA, can be migrated and/or optimised to reap the benefits of SAP HANA. SAP HANA provides in-memory data for much faster calculation and reporting of data, giving you results far more quickly and delivering you the expected business benefit.

SAP's go-to partner for HANA innovation

With our experts regularly working directly with SAP's product development teams, we are among the first partners to be exposed to many of HANA's newest capabilities. We can implement HANA-enabled cutting-edge solutions extending to the delivery of EPM solutions and upgrades. By maximising the potential of the in-memory database, we deliver planning and consolidation to bring you the in-memory benefits of HANA.

Second to none SAP HANA expertise and insight

Our market-leading HANA capabilities across the EPM suite confirm that we are perfectly placed to share our valuable experience with you. Our excellent in-house training ensures that we can provide you with a highly-skilled HANA team, offering second to none expertise and insight on the right path for you.

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Discover how you can leverage our SAP HANA expertise and insight to help you enhance the speed and functionality of your SAP EPM landscape.

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