SAP Business Warehouse on HANA

Organise fast access to data from many different sources in a uniformed way with SAP Business Warehouse on HANA, the basis to Business Intelligence and SAP's flagship solution for Enterprise Data Warehousing.

A robust and consistent data warehouse

SAP BW on HANA (BWoH) provides a rich framework for building the persistent layer of your Data Warehouse. In addition to this, there are many ways to integrate data from local and external sources using virtual models. The ability to use physical and virtual modelling together enables you to build a robust and consistent data warehouse which is still easy to adapt and extend.  

Showing you the art of possible

Technology provides you with real value when it enables your business to run in a different way, going beyond enabling the same reports to run faster. We can show you the 'art of the possible' and challenge your business to think of use-case scenarios previously thought to be unsupported.

Thought leaders in the SAP BW on HANA space

Our reputation as thought leaders in the BWoH technology space enables us to deliver projects in close collaboration with SAP, often using products and versions before they are publicly released. Our involvement with SAP product development enables us to assist you to get the most out of your investment.

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We are here to help you leverage the new era of Enterprise Data Warehousing.

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