SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio

Create data visualisations, dashboards and Business Intelligence apps efficiently with SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio.

Next-generation dashboarding

SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio creates more than an average report. It creates rich analysis applications for consumption on any device with absolute bespoke capabilities. SAP data can be placed into the tool to drive completely customised data visualisation and drill. Design Studio applications are the ultimate front-end for data, with virtually every analytical, planning, data visualisation and dashboard use case covered thanks to their enormous and growing scripting capabilities.

Unlock the full potential

We are leaders in Design Studio with multiple complex, bespoke yet highly-successful implementations under our belt. Being a step change in SAP’s dashboard offering, our implementation experience is invaluable in ensuring that Design Studio is used to its full potential. From technical setup to design aid and from build to support and from legacy tool upgrade to detailed training, we can guide your journey from the beginning into the new data presentation possibilities created by Design Studio.

Bleeding-edge expertise

We are one of the few SAP partners to have completed multiple bespoked Design Studio implementations for customers cross-industry. Our breadth and depth of knowledge and experience is impressive. We are on Design Studio’s constantly evolving bleeding edge and our customers come to us for that expertise.

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Access our evolving and bleeding-edge expertise to offer the insights your users require in a Design Studio application.

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