Making a splash with SAP Sales Cloud: ABPmer’s rapid 7-week deployment

"Understanding the how, when and why we are interacting with clients and prospects is crucial to providing the high level of service delivery excellence that we are known for, from an earlier point in their buying process. The CRM tool enables us to manage our relationships in an organised and centralised way, improving efficiency and reducing effort" Damon O’Brien, Managing Director, ABPmer

The challenge

ABPmer wanted to implement a CRM system to give them a 360° view of business development, marketing and sales activities 

They had chosen SAP C/4HANA Sales Cloud, now they wanted it implemented, fast. They required rapid deployment in a matter of weeks, not months or years, and minimal disruption to day-to-day business and sales activity. This was a challenge that we already had a solution for.

The client

ABPmer is a leading marine consultancy that has been advising clients and undertaking applied research for over 60 years. ABPmer is known for its knowledge of the marine environment, technical ability and emphasis on service excellence. 

The solution

A simplified version of SAP C/4HANA Sales Cloud was delivered in a seven-week timeframe.

This included home screen configuration, customer management, activity management, lead and opportunity management, reporting, dashboards and integration with Microsoft Outlook.

Customisation was also undertaken to allow ABPmer to track business specific KPIs. Finally, administrator training, report training and key user training were also provided.

Fig 1. SAP Sales Cloud dashboard. Image source: SAP
Fig 1. SAP Sales Cloud dashboard. Image source: SAP



The initial scoping sessions took place in the first week of the project at ABPmer offices in Southampton. The week began with demos and system walk throughs to familiarise ABPmer with the system’s full capabilities and terminology.

The remainder of the week was spent in more in-depth sessions to allow us to identify the right configuration for ABPmer. After defining the right configuration, the emphasis was on rapid deployment (a 6-week build) and so communication was key. We built a detailed delivery programme that included regular progress meetings. We also used Microsoft Teams for easier collaboration - to share key documents including testing results and snagging lists.

"It was an intense first week, working out how we wanted it to work, to customise it for our business. But this was a really important step to ensure user buy-in that Bluefin guided us through. Using ABPmer terms and tailoring field use was something we didn’t imagine we could do and really helped the onboarding" Tracey Hewett, Marketing and Sales Manager, ABPmer

Why Bluefin?

"Right from the start, we were really impressed with Bluefin’s approach to building a client relationship and how they handled us and how they worked with SAP to deliver. They really held my hand through the process.
Bluefin were also in a position to deliver when we wanted it, so that’s why we went with them. Others didn’t appear interested or just weren’t agile enough to deliver the solution in the timeframe we required.

It was just a really nice, comfortable relationship that we were building, so I had a lot of trust in Bluefin before kick-off date. Michael, our dedicated SAP C/4HANA consultant, was great. He was on hand whenever we needed him – emails, video calls, you name it we could reach him when we needed assistance”.

Tracey Hewett, Marketing and Sales Manager, ABPmer.

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