Sembcorp supports business growth with SAP HANA

Sembcorp Industries, a leading energy, water and marine group, operates across six countries and employs over 8,000 people. The group provides energy, water and on-site logistics for communities, governments and industries. It also manages ship repair, shipbuilding, ship conversion, rig building and repair to offshore engineering and construction companies.

The business challenge

Sembcorp was collating and inputting its business data manually across a host of disparate systems. As well as being time-consuming and error-prone, it didn’t give the management team access to the reliable and timely business analytics needed to inform vital business decisions. What was required was an enterprise-wide solution that could integrate both SAP and non-SAP data in order to support effective and efficient reporting and analysis, and be scalable enough to support business growth.

"Sembcorp is a leader in its field, yet we were still using antiquated and cumbersome practices when it came to our data. With a strong growth trajectory ahead of us it was vital we moved to a solution that would enable our data to support our business potential.” Jonathan Ng, Senior BI Manager, Sembcorp

The solution

Bluefin Solutions recommended SAP Business Warehouse (BW) on HANA – an In-Memory database and application platform – as this would provide Sembcorp the efficiency, flexibility and scalability it needed from a solution.

  • Capability. SAP BW on HANA provides all of the benefits of a traditional data warehouse, as well as much needed and requested performance improvements. HANA dramatically improves response times, especially for complex data scenarios which require multiple calculations. This means vast amounts of data can be imported and accessed in real-time
  • Compatibility. The SAP BW platform enables easy integration with the existing SAP landscape and non-SAP systems
  • Scalability. The HANA platform supports both the immediate needs of the company as well as future growth plans. Additionally, it also enables Sembcorp to expand its landscape with, for example, SAP BPC
  • Speed of deployment. Taking advantage of the HANA platform allows for faster deployment and development of the overall solution.  

Bluefin was given a tight timeline in which to set up the infrastructure, build and deploy the solution, and ensure it was suitable for Sembcorp’s own environment and reporting needs. The team then developed a series of standard reports for an initial set of business units – namely, Finance, HR, Procurement, Plant Maintenance, Inventory Management and Logistics Invoice Verification.

Business benefits

Sembcorp realised the following business benefits of the analytic solution:

  • Extremely fast reporting. Reports are now running in as little as five seconds. Sembcorp’s HR department, which previously spent up to three days compiling its monthly reports, now takes between one and two hours to complete the same task
  • Sound business decisions. The solution enables access to reliable and timely business analytics, meaning decisions that are fundamental to the continued success of the business can be based on a truer picture of the organisation
  • Scalability. As the solution is integrated into Sembcorp’s SAP infrastructure, it can readily be rolled out to additional business units
  • Platform for future growth. HANA is supporting the growing data-sets whilst maintaining performance. The platform will be built on further with the addition of SAP BPC, to help with the Sembcorp planning cycle.

“Bluefin Solutions was highly recommended to us by SAP due to its HANA expertise. Bluefin’s guidance and the team’s ability to listen, appreciate and act on our business needs throughout the project was pivotal to its success. The team’s consultancy has been invaluable, for example by imparting knowledge on new types of KPI reporting that we can utilise within the business." Jonathan Ng, Senior BI Manager, Sembcorp

Why Bluefin Solutions?

“Sembcorp’s mission is to provide solutions which enable our customers to improve the way they carry out their business. It is therefore essential for us to work with partners who can support us in implementing solutions to improve our own organisation."
"Bluefin was the ideal partner for this project and we’re impressed with both the quality of the team’s work and dedication to ensuring the project was completed efficiently.” Jonathan Ng, Senior BI Manager, Sembcorp


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