China Navigation puts customers first using SAP Cloud for Customer

Teaser-Picture-China-Navigation.jpgThe China Navigation Company (CNCo) is the wholly owned deep-sea ship-owning and operating arm of the multinational Swire group. CNCo was founded in 1872 and has a global footprint today.

With operational headquarters in Singapore, it is one of the oldest independent British shipping companies still managing its own tonnage 'in-house'. The Company operates a global network of multi-purpose liner, dry bulk and bulk logistics services through its three business divisions. With a growing fleet of 50 vessels, the company prides itself on establishing rewarding relationships with their customers providing reliable, sustainable and innovative shipping solutions.

The business challenge

To better serve its customers, CNCo recently established a new ‘Commercial’ department. One of the key objectives of this department is to be customer centric - bringing CNCo’s vision and values to life. 

CNCo’s CRM system was no longer able to provide an effective centralised customer management platform for its growing global business. Consequently, it was not well utilised.  

In order for CNCo to be able to move its strategy forward, and breathe life into its customer centric vision, the team understood it needed to revitalise its CRM platform and identified four key requirements:

  • A single view of customer activities
  • Smarter reporting and more efficient analysis
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook for email and calendar
  • Mobile enabled with offline access

The solution

With an existing SAP ERP solution in place, SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C) sat well within CNCo’s existing IT strategy. 

C4C had the potential to provide CNCo with the ability to create and maintain powerful personal customer interactions, give a 360-degree view of its customers, and provide real-time reporting across the company with access on any desktop, laptop or mobile device that had a Web browser. Integrating C4C with Microsoft Outlook meant that information would be readily available to users in their Inboxes. Enabling offline mode with Mobile would ensure key areas were supported while offline.

Bluefin recommended the following C4C modules be implemented to meet CNCo’s needs:

Cloud for Sales 

  • Efficient account management intuitively designed for sales teams.
  • Opportunity mapping and account performance to sell more effectively.
  • Transparency across accounts and prospects for managers.
  • Presentations can be planned and prepared for on the go.
  • Real-time customer information and sales insights to help make decisions quickly.
  • Embedded reports to track sales cycle, conversion rates, and revenue trends.
  • Configure reports based on specific requirements.

Cloud for Service

  • Conversation history captured in a single place.
  • Routing and escalation rules ensure cases are always handled by the right person.
  • Social collaboration tools harness a service team’s collective expertise and relevant customer information across the enterprise.
  • Connects teams, both on the road and internationally.
  • Service performance can be tracked in real-time with pre-built dashboards.

The team worked together on a soft launch for approximately 70 users across three markets: Australia, Singapore and New Zealand. This ensured the system was stable and met CNCo’s requirements before rolling out company-wide. Key users were identified and incorporated into the project development team.

The benefits

CNCo’s sales team now has a renewed focus to proactively drive sales activities. Managers have a great deal more visibility and the company can easily measure sales against budget with a few simple clicks, something which would have taken hours to produce prior to the implementation. The Cloud-based solution also allows third party agents to have access to the CRM system.

“With a 70% adoption rate to date, this project has given us a deeper understanding of the power of IT, and the new tools available to us. User feedback has been very positive, with the system saving individual sales team members 3-4 hours per week.’’ William Arblaster, Global Commercial Manager, CNCo

Looking to the future, CNCo is considering a centralised customer area creating an enhanced customer experience by increasing the number of services available.

Why Bluefin Solutions? 

“Bluefin has a committed and supportive team from the senior management team down. From the onset, everyone involved in the project was thoroughly engaged. It can be difficult to build synergy and trust with a third party partner, however this was quickly established between Bluefin and China Navigation. Bluefin genuinely cared about the project’s success.” Michael Tan, IT Director, CNCo


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