Managed Services

Eliminate downtime and maximise the benefits of your critical business applications with our managed services offering.

Primed for your business every day

We use Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices, well-defined processes and frameworks  to ensure IT is primed for your business every day, all day. Our managed services experts are committed to continuous improvement, developing new processes and investing in new capabilities to deliver better value.

Proven ITIL-based Atlas managed service framework

We leverage our proven ITIL-based Atlas managed service framework to transition your application portfolio successfully into an efficient managed services model. Atlas managed services takes complete lifecycle ownership of your enterprise applications, infrastructure and cloud platforms.

Key activities performed during the Transition phase 
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Definition & Baseline of SLAs
  • Define Support Team Structure & Processes
  • Stabilise the overall portfolio
 Key activities performed during the Optimise phase
  • Standardise Tools and Processes
  • Implement LEAN approach
  • Develop Service Catalog
 Key activities performed during the Transform phase
  • Perform Portfolio Rationalisation
  • Develop Business process KPIs
  • Shift Left
  • Deliver Business Value Alignment

Why choose us?

We can offer you 24/7 support and have 10 global operation centres with over 5000 accredited Application and Infrastructure specialists who are ISO 14000, ISO 27000 and ISO 20000 accredited.

MWatch, our single-view management platform, easily integrates with your existing IT policies to:
  • Track and optimize provisioned resources and usage
  • Manage all changes to the software defined environment
  • Monitor and balance application and infrastructure workloads
As a partner that understands and manages both Application and Infrastructure in a single business-based SLA, we are perfectly positioned to enable your business.

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Discover how we can help you to enable your business with our managed services offering.

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