Bluefin Solutions Wins “Demo Jam” at the UK and Ireland SAP User Group Conference

SAP Mentor, DJ Adams, alone, successfully competes against teams by developing SAP Fiori-like app

London, 29 November 2013:   In front of more than a thousand, and with just a few hours of sleep, DJ Adams, a Principal Consultant at Bluefin Solutions, won SAP Demo Jam at the annual UK and Ireland (UK&I) SAP User Group Conference on Monday, on the 25th of November, in Birmingham.

For the uninitiated, the SAP Demo Jam is a highly competitive event held around the world at SAP conferences where teams compete to deliver on-stage a live demo in just five minutes using SAP technologies. 

DJ Adams, by himself and with only a few hours preparation time, won the crowd’s vote by building an SAP Fiori-like app live on stage. The app featured the latest thinking in user experience (UX) design. 

“Demo Jam gives everyone in the room a rush,” said DJ Adams, an SAP Mentor at Bluefin Solutions, a global independent consultancy and SAP partner.  “What is often overlooked in the excitement of the Demo Jam is the relevance of creating business applications using new technologies developed by SAP for organisations seeking to innovate.”

Though this is the first time Bluefin has won a Demo Jam, teams have participated in previous competitions, showcasing business innovations by exploiting SAP Mobility, SAP CRM and SAP HANA applications.

SAP Demo Jam – the winning idea

Less than two days before the conference started on the 24th of November, DJ was asked to compete. He decided to do his winning demo on SAP Fiori and SAPUI5.  Once on stage, DJ wrote XML in front of hundreds of people, instantiating SAPUI5 controls and building an SAP Fiori-like app before their eyes, following the latest Fiori style guidelines.

The majority of the audience had heard of Fiori. After the competition, attendees knew much more about what makes Fiori apps tick so they are better armed to ask the right questions and make the right decisions in the future. 

DJ offers three tips for teams looking to win an SAP Demo Jam in the future:

  1. Pick something you’re passionate about.  Your enthusiasm will show naturally in your session, which is important to gain (and keep) the crowd’s attention.
  2. Prepare the content like you pack a suitcase. First, put what you think you can fit into five minutes, and then remove about a third (there’s a part of the theory of relativity that states that time goes faster when you’re Demo Jamming).
  3. Don’t even think of using slides or making a sales pitch. Hack on something and then show it. 
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