Bluefin Solutions makes procurement for Public Sector easier, cheaper and quicker

London, 04 September 2014: Bluefin Solutions announces new ways for the UK Public Sector to procure technology services.

Research from the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) has identified that the UK Public Sector’s procurement process is the most expensive in the European Union. In response to this, Bluefin Solutions has created multiple methods for Councils to leverage existing framework contacts to save time and money.

Andrew Gunn, Public Sector consultant at Bluefin Solutions, said: "Bluefin has been involved in numerous cases where SAP customers requiring additional services have gone out to tender. If just five of these projects had been passed through existing Framework contacts then £300,000 in Public Sector cost avoidance could have been delivered."

The CEBR research showed that Public Sector procurement processes in the UK are 90% more expensive than the EU mean and that the UK is the fourth most expensive place in Europe for public bodies to put contracts out to market. Only Denmark, Norway and Italy record higher costs for this measure. CEBR also uncovered that UK public sector purchasing processes were found to be one of the longest in Europe, 53 days longer than the EU average.

The cost and complexity of bidding processes has an important effect on the value the public sector is able to achieve. Longer, more difficult processes dissuade potential suppliers from submitting bids, meaning that the eventual winner comes from a smaller pool of bids which are less competitive.

Bluefin’s broad range of solutions and consulting services are now available through a number of well-established Public Sector framework contracts, allowing for immediate and single supplier contracting. Procuring through these methods not only saves considerable time and cost, it rapidly reduces the time-to-action, resulting in rapid delivery of benefits to the citizen. Contact us to find out which framework is best for your needs.

About Bluefin Solutions

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