Bluefin demonstrates how SAP HANA, at Petabyte scale, enables manufacturing revolution

London - Oct 20, 2015 - On 19th October, during the opening keynote for TechEd Vegas 2015, Bluefin’s John Appleby demonstrated SAP HANA operating at Petabyte scale for the first time ever.

The solution, built for client Intel, has revolutionised Intel’s manufacturing processes beyond “simple” and “better”, to the point of “creating new capabilities”.

Intel manufactures hundreds of millions of microprocessors annually. Each microprocessor carries billions of transistors and each transistor needs testing. This results in in trillions of test records that are impossible to process in real-time. Big Data on a scale this vast crippled the organisation’s reporting and analysis processes.

John, and the Bluefin Solutions HANA team, used SAP Vora and Dynamic Tiering, 2,000 cores of Lenovo processing and 1Pb of EMC storage to take the trillions of rows of data, and visualise it on-screen, in under 15 seconds. This reduced days of analysis time to seconds.

Pat Buddenbaum, GM EHPG Enterprise IT Solutions, Intel, commented:

“This solution enables Intel to overcome the big data challenge that we have. It helps us keep Moores Law alive and is the continuation of achieving ‘Better Manufacturing’ over time.”

Steve Lucas, Global President, Platform Solutions for SAP said:

“Bluefin has built some of the most unbelievable solutions and deployments anywhere in the world. This is amazing. This is truly powerful.”

You can watch the full keynote presentation here. SAP HANA at Petabyte Scale starts at 56 minutes.


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