‘Mobility’ the key to unlocking millions in council savings, says consultancy

17 March, 2014
Austin Macauley

Local authorities could save around £10m a year by embracing mobile technology and transforming the way staff work, according to new research.

Consultancy Bluefin Solutions said the move would also improve customer service and boost the morale among council employees.

Its five-point plan includes giving staff the choice of using mobile-accessed collaboration platforms and establishing a ‘bring your own device’ policy that enables employees to access information wherever they are.

The company estimates that on average implementing a range of ‘mobility’ measures would save £10.3m a year.

‘Local authorities are actively transforming but they could do even more by adopting new technologies to improve the way employees work and serve taxpayers,’ said Chris Smith, head of public sector at Bluefin Solutions.

‘Mobile government is an untapped opportunity for public sector leaders. Yet, the key to success is for department heads to work together in order to ensure everyone – inside and outside the organisation – is connected to information through phones, laptops and more.’

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