SAP BPC 10.1: revisiting the benefits of migrating from BPC 7.5

13 June 2017

William Haworth

William Haworth

EPM Consultant

With SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) 7.5 going out of maintenance at the end of 2017, Bluefin’s Billy Haworth takes a look at the benefits customers will encounter if they choose to migrate to BPC 10.1.

Administration of BPC is simpler than ever before through a new UI5 Client: 

  • System Administration is in Browser Based HTML5, which has a higher ease of use and lower barrier to entry to train super users and System Administrators
  • Administration client is now in UI5, an HTML5 toolkit that is native to browsers and has mobile & tablet support
  • Hierarchies can be maintained simply with drag & drop functionality
  • Time Dependent Hierarchies are available, to enable dynamically changing hierarchies depending on the reporting period
  • Improved workflow visibility using Business Process Flow Functionality 

Reporting options are more varied and accessible:

  • Reporting options are now diverse, with options to report on Mobile devices, Web Browsers, and Excel add-ins including the EPM Add In and Analysis for Office
  • EPM Add In provides richer development options for experienced users and developers
  • EPM Add In enables simpler ad hoc reporting for inexperienced users over EVDRE with a Report Creation Wizard
  • EPM Add In supports local member functionality, adding locally calculated data to database information dynamically to add richness to reporting
  • Single sheets can contain multiple reporting sources, enhancing comparison & validation reporting
  • EPM Add In uses Dynamic Formatting Sheets, re-usable and shareable across tabs & workbooks
  • Enhanced Comment Functionality
  • EVDRE reports still supported 

Harmonisation of products across the EPM product landscape:

  •  BPC 10.0 Uses SAP EPM Add In, which works across the suite of SAP EPM Applications (e.g. PCM) 

Consolidation at quarter end is no longer feared: 

  • Consolidation maintenance simplified and available within the Web Client using a dedicated Consolidation Manager - Scope maintenance, Journal entry
  • Controls are available within the web to quickly check and review data integrity, which is closely integrated into the data locking processes
  • Incremental consolidation is supported, to consolidate only changed or new data since the prior run
  • Incremental Currency Translation is available and supported 

Security can now be managed by business administrators:  

  • User Security managed in an easy to use front-end but integrated with NetWeaver back-end and roles
  • Security based on NetWeaver Authorisations for high SAP Integration instead of Active Directory 

Architecture & integration is more streamlined: 

  • .NET server eliminated to simplify hardware architecture
  • Data Manager Packages support both Full & Delta loads from source ERP systems
  • Better and more wide ranging Microsoft Office version support
  • Availability of Embedded Model after upgrade
  • Custom menus no longer required as they are replaced by enhanced Business Process Flow functionality
  • Client side maintenance massively simplified and separated from server side maintenance
  • Office 32 bit and 64 bit support 

Performance on the SAP HANA platform allows for real-time planning & consolidation: 

  • HANA integration in Standard Model, improving query performance when saving data and retrieving data in large reports 

Transports provide an increased reassurance for IT  

  • Granular transports are available providing flexibility and reduced risk
So that’s the hard and fast version for you! Broadly the functionality is the same, however there are a significant number of benefits that you will experience if you move to BPC 10.0/10.1.  If you’re still undecided as to how you will move forward with your current BPC version, Chris Gully’s insight here may provide you with the answers.
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