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12 December 2017

Tom Bridge

Tom Bridge

Digital Marketing Manager

It’s time to fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a drive through the digital world of SAP. Tom Bridge explains what attracted him to Bluefin and how they're helping him fly.

I knew a career change was imminent. Career wise I was comfortable but I had an itch to be back in the Big Smoke; to be at the forefront of innovation, new technologies and the latest ways of working. I wanted to be back on Slack (yes we use it!), use terms like ‘Digital transformation’ and be able to accurately explain what it means (please don’t ask!)…and that’s when I landed at Bluefin. But as an obsessive marketer, I had some ‘wants’ for taking on my next role:
  • I want to work in a collaborative environment.
  • I want to learn –  to get under the bonnet of the SAP world.
  • I want to be the best – I want to be a Usain Bolt 
  • I want visibility – I need to know the direction of the business and how I’m supporting it .
  • I need flexibility – the opportunity to work in a way that suits my style.
I’m a bit fussy, aren’t I? So, does this ring true? Let’s explore…


A truly great bunch of bananas (I mean people!) 

Cliché alert: I can honestly say that the people here are genuinely a great bunch;
friendly, conscientious and willing to help you grow. Although we’re a busy bunch, people will give you the time to work on your development – if you ask, you get.

No matter whether you're at the office, working on-site or from home, the team is always online. It's an environment where you can comfortably bounce ideas around, test new ways of working and, yes, learn a thing or two. We're proud of what we've achieved but we're also perfectionists, always looking  to do things better or more efficiently.

For the consultants especially, who are often working across timezones and multiple locations, this way of working is critical for our success.

Thought leadership 

The emphasis here at Bluefin is to asisst you in building your own personal brand,
enabling you to establish yourself as a thought leader in your specialist field. We’re all (healthily) obsessed with being the best at what we do. Right from the start, the emphasis is on growing our teams and not just with the techy stuff. 

We encourage our consultants to help us curate thought leadership, through our blogs, articles and industry publications. We know how brilliant they are, so we raise awareness of their expertise in the digital world.

The flexibility to work at your best

It’s the 21st Century, or at least that’s what the calendar says! At Bluefin, they really get that the old-fashioned approach to working simply doesn’t cut it. Most of the team, consultants mainly, work remotely. We work across some incredible locations across Europe, Asia and America. Sunny Madrid is the next location on the horizon.

Remote working is a part of the culture here and finding the right balance is key. I personally, acknowledge that I need days where I block the world out and get things done. Being able to have the flexibility to work in a different space if needed is important - especially having worked for myself in the past.

Join the training train 

A flexible approach is not the only thing that matters. As with any career, the trick
is to be agile; nimble enough to react to the latest trends, so you’re not left as a dinosaur licking your wounds. SAP is no different. In fact, it’s possibly one of the most rapidly changing technology companies in terms of new product development. So, we must to stay on top of the latest trends.

Golden Fridays are Bluefin’s way of getting all the teams together in one space and to share new thinking, watch presentations on the latest developments and a chance to eat pizza. You can’t learn without pizza! I’ve found that with training, if you ask you usually get. Since joining I’ve already started working towards professional marketing qualifications supported by the company.

I mentioned visibility earlier and this is a good time to bring it up. Each department, or Centre of Excellence (COE) as we call it, have regular ‘town hall’ meetings – a chance to catch up with the team and check on collective progress. Again, this is a chance to voice opinions about the direction of the company and to contribute to the conversation. From my experience, that’s not something you usually get a chance to be involved in, so it’s nice to have a chance to have my say and be listened to.

Your oasis in the big city

Before you consider Bluefin, I recommend you take the trip to Chiswick Park, run by the team at Enjoy Work. Their philosophy is simple – work should be a fun and stimulating place to be.

Chiswick Park is set away from the city, with its very own river /stream thing, waterfall and green space. The summers here are amazing – they even lay out deck chairs for us! The Enjoy Work team run a jam-packed series of activities and events; everything from exercise classes, mindfulness courses, fireworks and even pumpkin carving. As I write, the team are currently setting up our very own winter wonderland complete with a Ferris wheel and mulled wine. What more do you need? See what you’re missing out on.

Why do they bother?

As part of Mindtree, one of our core values is to support employee wellbeing; happier, healthier employees get the best results. Therefore, the team actively encourage engagement in the park’s activities and support personal development.

Being a member of the social club is yet another chance to get involved with life here at Bluefin. Each month the team organises activities and we’ve done everything from ice skating, sushi making, candle stick making (that’s still on the agenda). It’s a great opportunity to regroup and let your hair down and enjoy a beer if that’s your thing.

Life through blue tinted glasses

Going back to my checklist, I’m pretty sure I’ve ticked a lot of those boxes with a whopping great big permanent marker. I was looking for a space to be provocative and to be supported by a passionate and driven team. For others, like our consultants, they are driven by innovation, changing and improving the processes of international businesses like Jaguar Landrover, Noble Industries and Surrey County Council. If you’re motivated to catapult your career, here’s your opportunity. Get in touch with the recruitment team today.
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