ASAP becoming Agile? Really?

18 October 2010

Thierry Crifasi

Thierry Crifasi

Global Head of C/4HANA CoE

We all know ASAP or should have heard of it at least once from either SAP or many consultancies over the last 15 years. We’ve all been there adopting or adapting this methodology for SAP-related implementations.


I can see from here the smile on your face which the ASAP acronym can typically trigger in a workshop or pre-sales situation...

Believe me; I had exactly the same smile at the start of the SAP TECHED 2010 session in Berlin on the revamped ASAP 7.1 methodology.  I won’t drill into the detail of the methodology itself which in my opinion had been in need of a major facelift for a while now. I want to pick up on just one (amongst other) key positive aspect which is AGILITY.

ASAP 7.1 is not anymore a one-for-all methodology as depicted in the slide underneath. It consists of a core component with associated content or accelerators and an ever increasing list of business add-ons to cater for different audiences.


So an organisation deciding on a waterfall implementation approach for an ECC project or another one going for an agile CRM project will be using 2 different implementation roadmaps and set of accelerators.

The agile methodology add-on is due in December (...of this year).

The methodology finally portrays what Bluefin Solutions has been living all along for the last 5 years as described in our agile implementation approach. The various projects we have implemented it with (very often with SAP CRM) have helped us improve it.

The risk I see with this strong focus from SAP on agile/SCRUM based methodology was confirmed by the questions of customers at SAP TECHED during interactive sessions where a few partners were sharing their experience of agile SAP projects. Questions like:

  • Does it work?
  • How does it compare to the waterfall approach?
  • Under which conditions should I use an agile approach on my project?

All these questions will of course never be answered by the mere adoption of ASAP 7.1 and its add-ons. Every project is different and the choice of methodology should reflect this.

What ASAP 7.1 does is to recognize that a huge shift has been happening over the last few years and to provide customers and consultants with tools to become more AGILE.

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