Accelerate delivery? Reduce cost & risk of SAP CRM 7 projects? Make business users happy? Possible?

5 November 2010

Thierry Crifasi

Thierry Crifasi

Global Head of C/4HANA CoE

In the context of the current economic downturn, customers have been trying to reduce cost and risk while implementing SAP CRM. Alongside these constraints, a common afterthought for CRM projects is CRM business process owners' satisfaction.

An interesting recent twist from SAP is the new effort to push through Rapid Development Solutions (RDS) across the SAP Product landscape and through SAP Partners. SAP CRM Rapid Development Edition is an example of this strategy. The attraction to businesses whether SMEs or Line of businesses within larger organisations will be the specific subscription-based licensing model as well as the certainty of paying for a fixed price implementation while still having the flexibility to evolve the functional scope and associated licensing model at a later stage.

For a fixed price, the scope of SAP CRM RDE various packages is pre-defined and depends on what type of scenario will be implemented. One key enabler behind this offering is SAP Best Practice for CRM 7.0 content alongside a specific ASAP methodology made available as an Add-on to the recently revamped ASAP 7.1 methodology.

“SAP Best Practice” as a product to implement (and not as consultant buzz word!) has been around for a while and somehow mostly marketed to SMEs via VAR suppliers. In the context of the RDE offering, Best practice content is reduced to an even stricter content for the solution to be offered at such a price and speed. Customers therefore need to be careful about what exactly they want.

Implementing a package in such a way might appeal and be fit for purpose in some situations. Customers have to understand that this type of implementation is more something “Done to them rather than “Done with them”. I have always personally believed in collaborative approaches hence my suspicion with the RDS approach.

We have recently gone live with a customer with an accelerated implementation of SAP CRM 7.0 through the use of Best Practice content, tools and methodology. I thought it would be useful to share some practical insights of our project as it could help potential customers make a decision for a CRM implementation project - or as a matter of fact any SAP package implementation where the choice exists between traditional or accelerated delivery via either Best Practice, RDS or other template-based approach.

Follow up blog on lesson will be posted in the next few days.

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