SAP RTOM as more than just a sales tool

24 January 2012

Tau Ming

Tau Ming


By and large SAP Real-time Offer Management (RTOM) is intended to assist in boosting sales (using cross-selling and up-selling). But there's always a need to improvise or create new systems to cater for the ever demanding and various needs of different organisations and customers.

I was given the opportunity to participate in a proof of concept which used SAP RTOM on a whole different level. It allowed me to configure RTOM in a way that provides an immersive customer experience not just pushing more product to the customer. It also empowers employees by giving them the tools to serve their customers better.

How does this work?

SAP RTOM is being used to offer different sets of promotions to different membership tiers based on their interest.

Imagine you are a VIP at a holiday resort and you enjoy a good spa therapy every now and then. Take for example, today happens to be your birthday. Upon check-in, you were informed by the receptionist that your room fee is waived. *Nice*. Then, you go to your regular spa therapist, who then tells you, that you get a free body treatment. *It just keeps getting better*. Then, at the restaurant, the floor captain says you get to order anything from the menu, for yourself for free. *Very happy*, right?

Realistically, the offer has to make sense at that point of time, considering where you're at. It doesn't make sense to offer you a free spa therapy when you enter the restaurant, does it? Or a free all-day ride ticket when you are at the spa center for a therapy session. These offers will be useful in creating a sense of delight if you can use it right away, or at least when offered at the right time and place. RTOM can take all this into consideration and is capable of proposing the right offers in the right context.

The best part is, the more you use SAP RTOM, the better it gets. Through a feedback loop, it can learn to understand an individual's patterns or regular activities. It could be preferences or hobbies that opens possibilities of offering more valuable options. Accepted offers can be improved or extended by monitoring their success, say for example on top of the free stay for the person whose birthday it is, you could include their partner or family. If rejected, again this can be monitored and the offer improved, modified or removed altogether. Also putting the cause or context into consideration, even though an offer is rejected many times it could still be a good offer in certain scenarios. Each interaction with RTOM improves the subsequent interaction.

Bear in mind that at any point of time, any combination of these activities will be taking place, for any number of customers, on any amount of mobile devices, in real-time and on-the-go! In most cases RTOM is the initiator rather than the employee. Offers are being pushed to employees through a notification system. How RTOM does this? Technologically speaking, anything in and out from RTOM is through Web Service, so theoretically any system which understands Web Service will be able to talk to RTOM. For this particular proof of concept, there is a real-time system (SAP BO Event Insight, in short EI) which continuously feeding RTOM with significant events through web services, RTOM in turn will keep churning out relevant offers and store them in an in-memory database (SAP HANA). Subsequently, SAP EI informs Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) to pick up the offers from SAP HANA and pushes them to the mobile devices. As a result, we achieved a high data volume and seamless integration among the components.

In short

When a happy customer gets what he/she wants, or deem useful, the employee will also be much appreciated for being so understanding by providing such personalized customer service. You are getting not only satisfied customers but employees as well. Talk about customer and employee retentions!

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