Making the move to S/4HANA easier with Bluefin's SAP Fiori App

6 July 2017

Sukhil Patel

Sukhil Patel

BI HANA Consultant

Discover Bluefin’s unique offering: a SAP Fiori  App for S/4Hana Transaction codes, designed to accelerate your journey to SAP S/4HANA.  Sukhil Patel explains all.

First steps

When upgrading to a new system it is important that the first steps are the right ones. In many cases these first steps focus on what approach to take. For this reason Bluefin has built a SAP Fiori App to help you understand the changes in transaction codes. This app can be used in the discovery phase of implementation projects of S/4 HANA on premise edition. With this added insight, customers are able to choose the right approach with more confidence.
Taking the decision to upgrade a system can be a complex process, especially with SAP’s latest ERP, S/4HANA, which is viewed as a system conversion and not just an upgrade. There are many factors at play when making the transition to a new system – from what the current landscape is, to technical prerequisites that need to be met. One of these factors are the transaction codes you use in the old system and whether they are still relevant and available in the new system.
With SAP’s move to the “Principle of one” there has been an effort to reduce the number of different transaction codes for separate domains, replacing them with more overarching transactions codes for key business areas. So transaction codes have been removed, or altered, from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA, or even from 1511 to 1610 versions of S/4HANA.

What can Bluefin’s SAP Fiori app do for you?

Every year sees the release of the Simplification list from SAP, which has information relevant to functional and technical changes within the S/4HANA world. This document includes the reports, functions and transactions that have been updated along with what their functionality now covers. With SAP’s 400-page 1610 Simplification list it is a time-consuming process to extract the information on which transaction codes in the latest version of S/4HANA have been modified. Knowing which information is pertinent to your own system can be difficult if you are not aware of what transactions exactly apply to your system in the first place.
This can be solved by compiling a list of your most frequently used transaction codes in your current system and importing this to filter against a master list of all changes to transaction codes in the latest version of S/4HANA. You can see how you can access a list of your most frequently used transaction codes here.  Once you have completed this you are left with relevant transaction code information;  are they still available? What actions need to be taken if it they are not? What are the relevant SAP notes linked to them?
This app is an accelerator tool and can add instant value to those in the analysis phase of a system conversion/migration:  it  can expedite the decision making process of what implementation approach to choose. The two main approaches are to start afresh or to take on an upgrade or migration approach which are respectively called the Greenfield or Brownfield approaches. It could even be during your analysis phase you realise a hybrid approach may be best suited to your needs and thus identifying this is the right course of action to take early on in the process is crucial.  If you would like to discover more about what approach would be right for you read Julien Delvat’s whitepaper.
This SAP Fiori App has already been successfully used with customers during in the discovery phase of an S/4HANA implementation. The benefit this has brought is  a better understanding of these customers' current systems and a deeper grasp of the scope of changes that will be happening in relation to transaction codes in the new updates.  
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About the author

Sukhil Patel

BI HANA Consultant

Sukhil’s focus lies with positioning clients to maximise the solutions and technology available to them.  From helping clients understand and visualise their data and KPIs through intuitive Dashboards, or collaborating with them to  understand their commercial environment so he can fully illustrate the benefits they will experience if they migrate to the latest BW system, Sukhil's passion for business intelligence is invaluable.

Coming from an analytical and mathematical background having completed a masters in maths at Durham, Sukhil has cemented his love for combining numerical analysis and technology here at Bluefin.  

During his spare time Sukhil can be found on a football pitch or his head in a book he doesn’t quite understand.

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