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23 February 2016

Sean Campbell

Sean Campbell

Former SAPUI5 / Mobile Consultant

Back in October 2015, following a number of talks at SAP Inside Track Sheffield, I decided to start a group for UI5 developers. First and foremost this group was for us developers to encourage a community spirit: we aren't normally the most social of beings. The by-product however has been much greater.

From the get go, with thanks to DJ Adams, SAP was brought on board. We now have a direct line of communication to the people that are building the technology we work with.  This puts Bluefin at the bleeding edge of this emerging technology, and keeps our developers ahead of the curve.

In the early days, with only 30 or so members, we discussed setting up a conference just for the front end developers. Now we have over 250 members in the community and the discussions move at an astonishing rate; the trading of ideas is beautiful thing to watch happening.

Fast forward to the end of January 2016, a mere 3 months later, and just a month after it was announced, "UI5con" - the UI5 conference - sold out in just 45 minutes. There is a full schedule of speakers and as you'd expect, Bluefin will be presenting, sharing our experience and knowledge with the community.

I’d like to introduce you to some of the talks and the team:

Nathan Adams

“Developers are not designers?”, Nathan will be discussing User Experience (UX) from a developer’s point of view. With key User Interface (UI) and UX enabling technologies like UI5 as the focus, Nathan will be looking at how the role of the frontend developer has been adapted recently.

Leo van Hengel

“Building Custom Site Templates for the new SAP HANA Cloud Portal with SAPUI5”. One of the few talks and demos this year, focusing on the combination of the HANA Cloud Portal (HCP) and UI5. This is another technology where we are leading the way, delivering a number of solutions for clients based around this technology.

Sean Campbell

I will be presenting two talks at the conference, nothing like jumping in at the deep end!

“Adding Spark with Electron”: I will be talking about bringing control back to enterprise apps whilst keeping the web app feel. Wrapping UI5 apps in a technology (Electron) allows us, as developers, to produce installable desktop apps, where everything from the browser technology to the database used is back in our control.

"Building C4C companion apps": this looks at how we can build custom HCP applications that work alongside SAP’s Cloud for Customer (C4C) product. This Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering from SAP is a great bit of technology however one size doesn't fit all and custom extensions and apps can give you the opportunity to provide your end users with the right tools they need to work effectively.

The Future …

A little over a year ago SAP open sourced UI5.  With this they heralded a shift in the way SAP applications are viewed and built. This is at the very heart of the conference, but underlying all of this is a new focus: community.

By opening up its source SAP has harnessed the power of a growing community of JavaScript developers, all looking to give something back. As this trend continues UI5 will continue to grow and strengthen, more controls will become available and in a very short amount of time we will have a framework that can truly deliver consumer type interactions at an enterprise level.

If you are interested in attending UI5con register your interest to go on the waiting list for attendees here.

Can't make the conference, but want to be part of the wider community? You can join the UI5 Slack Community using this Heroku App or simply click on the links below for further reading:

DJ Adams - Essentials of SAPUI5, OpenUI5 and Fiori.

DJ Adams - 1.30 and what it means to us (Great Links to UI5 Tutorials)

Barnsley Council - Using UI5 to change process

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Sean Campbell

Former SAPUI5 / Mobile Consultant
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