Highlights from the Global Run SAP Partner days

9 July 2012

Richard Labib

Richard Labib


One of the benefits of being a certified Run SAP Implementation Partner was the opportunity to join some of the finest SAP ALM and SAP Solution Manager Consultants at a global event hosted by SAP.  SAP provided an environment in which enabled delegates to transfer knowledge directly from the product development team to the partner community.

From Monday 18th June to Thursday 21st June Run SAP Partners from over 35 different countries descended on the small town of St Leon Rot in Germany.  The event combined an Application Lifecycle Management Info Day, which was attended by SAP clients, as well as specific business and technical sessions on SAP ALM, Run SAP Like a Factory, and IT Service Management processes powered by SAP Solution Manager.

Event highlights

During the event SAP orchestrated over 40 sessions that had been designed with the simple goal of transferring knowledge. The timing of the event could not have been better.  In early June SAP Solution Manager SP05 was released.  With it comes some really good functional enhancements that enables SAP Solution Manager to be used for IT Service Management, and not just for SAP Products, but for non-SAP and IT Infrastructure components as well. During the event there were many opportunities to see this in action.  

Most of the really focused towards demonstrating the value customers can get from SAP Solution Manager, especially within SP05.

RunSAP(1)Mobility in SAP Solution Manager

There was a large emphasis placed on SAP Solution Managers new Mobility offerings, with some new apps becoming available in the very near future.  SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP05 provides a gateway between the app and the backend, which will enable you to run SAP-delivered apps with SUP, however... 

The new gateway delivered by SAP does raise some important questions, for example if I am watching the British Grand Prix at  Silverstone, how can I use my app to approve important changes if my smart phone is not logged in to the company's network.

David Birkenbach provided some demonstrations of the IT Service Management and Change Approval apps, both of which looking very simple to use.

Management Dashboards

RunSAP(2)Dominique Noth provided excellent insight into how SAP Solution Manager can be used to create management dashboards that provide information that is really relevant.  By providing the ability for developers to configure their own dashboards we are now able to put information at our decision makers fingertips.

Dominique provided a sneak peak at Executive Score Cards that will become available in SAP Solution Manager 7.1.  The concept of Executive Score Cards is very easy, you define KPI's that you want to measure and SAP Solution Manager measures it from the data source you have configured.  The Score Cards will not only give decision makers key statistical information, but it will also tell you the trend in which you KPI's are tracking, for example if you are on target or if you performance is increasing.

Change Control Management

Patrick Schmidt and Tobias Hauk have imparted some real technical insights into the behaviour of Change Control Management in SAP Solution Manager.  This is probably the first time that I have seen SAP explain the "real" benefits and how the technical works without confusing all the attendees.  This was some achievement in itself.  During different events the two presenters had provided some interesting information over the direction of CTS+, and some of the new reporting abailities in SAP Solution Manager 7.1.

IT Service Management

IT Service Management is obviously a new strategic area in which SAP are directing themselves into. David Birkenbach had provided a number of presentations during the event and he has really been able to demonstrate the values from IT Service Management in SAP Solution Manager.  I have created a special blog to describe what's new for IT Service Management in SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP05.

Custom Code Management

RunSAP(3)Custom Code Management has been another area in which SAP has invested time on improving. The core focus of the Custom Code Management session was about how clients can get back to a Green City, or in other words how you can improve the quality of custom code.

Björn Panter, Service Architect from Active Global Support, has provided a sneak peak of the ABAP Test Cockpit that will be delivered at a future point in time.  The ABAP Test Cockpit, which has been used by SAP for many years, provides a standardised process for improving the quality of ABAP developments.


SAP AGS delivered a very successful event with some very impressive presentations for ITSM (delivered by David Birkenbach), Solution Documentation (delivered by Benjamin Schneider), and IT Infrastructure Management (delivered by Michael Kloeffer) to name a few. 

I hope SAP will post these presentations on its wiki pages, so be sure to keep an eye out as they are well worth having a read through.

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