Hybris Marketing moves businesses from customer relationship management to real-time customer engagement

28 October 2015

Peter Douglas

Peter Douglas

Senior Consultant

Modern CRM solutions should enable targeted customer engagement using predictive analytics fed with detailed customer intelligence. Traditional CRM can fall short of providing this capability. So what is SAP doing to address this gap?

The answer: Hybris Marketing.

Data-driven marketing with Hybris

Harvesting of social media and website interactions data enables marketing directly to an individual based on predicted behaviour. This is now commonplace across many e-commerce solutions. For example, data from historical customer interactions can be used to determine, and recommend, likely products of interest for a customer browsing a web shop. Importantly, this list of products is specific to the individual’s own preferences and is automatically derived.

What all this really means is that potentially thousands of customers can be intelligently engaged with to enhance their experience of available services and products without the need for thousands of manual interventions by an organisation.

Previously, human judgement and intervention was vital, but it is now routinely possible to automatically and systematically derive insight from millions of previous interactions with other customers. This insight can then inform future engagements with other customers to enhance their experience by effectively marketing to a target group of 1.

Conquering the Amazon

Everyone wants to emulate Amazon’s successes with automation across multiple marketing channels. Such automation should complement the buying journey with nurturing of leads through incremental analysis of interactions and the use of lessons learnt from previous interactions. Not every organisation however has the capital to invest in a bespoke platform to make this a reality, but this is in fact not necessary with the advent of pre-packaged solutions such as Hybris Marketing.

General strengths of Hybris Marketing

The key strengths of Hybris Marketing come from the fact it can be a Cloud-based solution that leverages the power of SAP HANA and combines and enhances functionality that previously resided siloed in CRM with an advanced analytics platform.

The principal offering is on premise and single tenant but can be hosted in SAP private cloud (HANA Enterprise Cloud). Other options include an entirely cloud-based version: S4/HANA Marketing. Pre-packaged functionality accelerates the time to implement a productive solution and enables a phased approach, which de-risks the initial investment required. Being an SAP product, it also has the advantage of easy integration with other systems in an existing SAP estate, e.g. ERP (or now S/4HANA) and the Hybris e-commerce solution.

Example use case – real time engagement for a global snack food business

The SAP Predictive Analytics Library integrates with Hybris Marketing, enabling a host of sophisticated techniques to be applied automatically and in-memory. An example scenario of this in action is the generation of “Decision Trees” to help a global snacks manufacturer handle their real time customer engagement through enhanced decision making.

Data from interactions with customers for example via social media or a mobile app that dynamically provides offers and discounts based on geolocation data and buying history could be used to generate a scoring model that maps out how customers decide on products from an initial decision on brand through quality and other product attributes, e.g. pricing and promotions. This crowd-sourcing of data is not new. In this scenario special offers could be dynamically generated using a scoring model based on likelihood of a sale and sent directly to the app or a Twitter feed.

Appropriate, targeted marketing to the individual in this way hugely increases the likelihood of a sale and is done automatically without the need for regular manual intervention.

How can I find out more?

More and more information is being made available online, plus a free demo is available on the Hybris website. This demo does not provide access to some of the more advanced predictive capabilities of Hybris Marketing but you can get a good idea of its look and feel.


A more joined-up and future-proof approach to sales, service and marketing incorporating cutting-edge predictive analytics means SAP have positioned themselves well to compete with all other contenders.

About the author

Peter Douglas

Senior Consultant

Focused on helping businesses gain valuable insight from their enterprise data through the delivery of solutions in predictive & advanced analytics.

Since arriving at Bluefin, Peter has had the pleasure of being part of challenging and rewarding projects across the Consumer Business, Manufacturing and Pharmaceuticals industries, for some well-known global names. His primary focus is working with clients to understand and exploit the power of emerging capabilities in advanced analytics and apply this to their business needs. His skills and hands-on experience span a range of SAP technologies, such as HANA / BW, Predictive TPM and CRM.

Peter’s passion for all things “Data Science” manifests itself in championing the predictive & advanced analytics ecosystem of SAP tools as a great opportunity for clients to tap into the power of their data to answer targeted business questions with accuracy and insight.

His previous life as a Quantum Physicist and PhD Grad has left Peter with old habits: in everything he does he loves testing theories and experimenting with new ideas and technology. He’s also addicted to continually learning new things.

Outside of work Peter enjoys life in London and, when he can, explores the World.

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