The benefits of working with a Concur Customer Success Partner

26 April 2016

Peter Asigbetse

Peter Asigbetse

Principal Consultant

At the end of last year I returned from a week at the headquarters of Concur located in Bellevue, USA. The purpose was for Bluefin to become one of the inaugural partners in Concur's Customer Success Program. This is an exciting time for all involved, with this partnership bringing with it increased benefits and offerings for our customers within the SAP Travel and Expense landscape.

What is the Customer Success Program?


The world of Travel and Expense Management offerings to SAP users has been changing at a pace, especially over the recent couple of years as discussed here. The most recent change has been the acquisition of Concur by SAP in September 2014. Concur already has a large pool of partners covering extended services, travel management companies and apps for its App Centre. However, despite having a tried and tested methodology and implementation practice, Concur realised there was something missing from this partnership model: SAP partners who could help deliver benefits to its SAP clients and help optimise the delivery for the Concur implementation teams. So the Customer Success Program was born as a way to address this, by leveraging the expertise and experience of SAP partners and cross-pollinating that with the Concur implementation practices.

The program is exclusive to carefully selected partners. These partners must prove they can meet the program’s high standards and criteria. Partners need to have an in-depth understanding of the Concur methodology and process, and be able to marry this with their existing technical experience to ensure a client’s Concur Travel and Expense Management project is a success.

How does this benefit you?

You have the comfort of knowing that you can work with a partner that is not only knowledgeable in SAP and Travel and Expense Management but also one that one of Concur's preferred partner. This means that Bluefin will be able to help support you through your Concur journey because we have the experience in knowing how to ensure that your requirements are catered for.

Bluefin can really help to identify, drive and measure the business benefits of deploying Concur (either locally or globally). We can help anticipate and manage the technical challenges of integrating Concur to your on-premise SAP solution in a way that will minimise ongoing support costs, reduce errors associated with any manual processes and therefore achieve lower TCO.

Looking at Concur’s methodology for engagement, here’s where Bluefin can help you to succeed:


How can Bluefin help?

Bluefin has a proven track record in the field of SAP Expense. As one of the first Concur Customer Success Partners, we are extending our expertise in expenses and Cloud applications to incorporate one of SAP’s flagship Cloud applications. This unique relationship means that we are well-versed in the requirements and methodologies used by Concur, so can help support any business looking at implementing Concur. Combined with our in-depth SAP integration knowledge, we can offer support and expertise to ensure that your automated solution will be appropriately integrated with whichever systems, on-premise or Cloud, you require.

About the author

Peter Asigbetse

Principal Consultant

An SAP Troubleshooter passionate about Integration, Workflow and Concur.

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