Nathan Adams

Nathan Adams

User Experience and Design Lead Consultant


Nathan's inspiration comes from designers. How they think and what they do. Over the last couple of years he has made a significant shift in his approach to implementations:  from a technical IT viewpoint to a design one. Understanding how designers work has really helped him bring an enhanced user interface to his projects. All too often in the technical community the value is placed on the coding and the backend. Nathan's passion lies with helping clients and his peers truly understand the benefits of excellent user experience. 

The Dieter Ram 10 principles for good design are Nathan's mantra for design, and particularly user interaction. This assists him to deliver seamless and intuitive user interfaces for the projects he runs. The important thing for Nathan is to focus on how people will use the technology.  

Working on projects ranging from £100k+ through to £10+ million, Nathan spent 2 decades working with Barclays, so it won’t surprise you to learn that typically his clients come from financial services.

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