Agile SAP in action: Project Dragon - the view from the business owner

20 December 2011

Meggie Kelly

Meggie Kelly


Following on from last year's success with Project Santa, once again we are completing our graduate training with a project. This is an ambitious internal project that will incorporate the use of various SAP technologies in order to drive business change. The timescales are ambitious too.

I am the project sponsor and business owner and I will be blogging throughout the process to share my inside view of the project in action.

But first, a little bit of background.

What business outcome are we trying to achieve?

This project is all about driving efficiencies in ways of working. The business objective is two-fold:

  1. Resource planning will move from a standalone Excel solution onto an integrated platform. This will drive data accuracy and reduce time consuming manual alignment. Improved process efficiency pays back by leaving us with more time for the important things to do. The integrated platform will give us the scalability a global consultancy needs.
  2. Decision support though business information will change substantially. 'Black box' excel macros just don't live up to the latest SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0 Dashboards.

How are we going to measure the return on investment?

A number of KPIs have been defined upfront. We will measure project success on the improvement of these indicators.

Are we taking a risk by letting our graduates make changes to one of the core processes in our business?

Absolutely!.? On the other hand, what is the point of a project that doesn't have real business impact? With the right support from the business I have absolute faith that the Project Dragon team will deliver! Using agile methodology will give us the best chance delivering on time. All checkpoints are in place. I can make sure the business steps up to the challenge. But what about the graduates?? Watch this space... did we end up with the project name 'Dragon'?


With no well known relatives of Santa, a fresh approach was required. Different suggestions were deliberated and dismissed. In the end, our project manager Tom suggested 'Dragon'. He has a lot to answer for...or, does he think of Rachel (our Head of Resourcing) as the 'Dragon Lady'?

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