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29 September 2017

Justyna Tarkowska

Justyna Tarkowska


To increase the success rate of your marketing campaigns, look no further than A/B Testing in SAP Hybris Marketing. Justyna Tarkowska explains how this function can bring clarity to your strategies. 

The leading supplier of practice aptitude tests decided to A/B test their way to more conversions and discovered the short and sweet solution to their marketing problem. By removing content from a landing page, sales increased by 62%.
The same solution can be automated and quickly implemented through Hybris Marketing to test email campaigns. A/B Testing in Hybris Marketing is a method of comparing two or more versions of an email campaign to determine which one performs better. Variants of an email are presented to users at random, and statistical analysis is run to calculate which email campaign performs better for a given conversion goal or success rate.
Conversion optimisation is the ultimate objective of the email marketing campaign, yet it does more than that. It combines the right marketing strategy, a responsive marketing platform and an agile approach to ensure a swift reaction to customer preferences. All these elements can be achieved by A/B Testing, Analytics Services and Campaign Automation facilitated by Hybris Marketing.

A/B email testing

The winner is determined by ‘Rate of Opened Messages’ or ‘Unique Click Rate’. The idea of an A/B test is simple; you can decide how long your test period should run and which percentage part of your target group should be used for testing. Immediately after activating your campaign, you can observe users’ reactions to different variations of the emails you sent.

A/B Testing is hugely advantageous when combined with an analytics service, providing you with further insight on how each email variant performed. The Hybris Marketing platform offers an integration with A/B Testing and allows for advanced custom goals (Test Size and Period) for testing and tracing.

Analytics services

Analytics services are essential to Hybris Marketing as they provide comprehensive charts and graphs to illustrate where your traffic comes from. Once integrated with A/B Testing, the system sends the message variants to the defined test size of the target group and observes the behaviour of the most successful segments of the emails sent. With the integration, you will find that your analytics service is an indispensable source of information. 

Geospatial Map for Customer Segmentation

Automated campaigns

An automated marketing campaign facilitates communication between you and your prospective customer. A new lead can be obtained through a landing page (trigger) and added to an email program that sends email updates to them automatically. Linking your A/B email testing with different marketing campaigns can help you calculate the quantity of leads coming from them.

When testing a lead generation email, you can also assign text message prompts or reminders. Integrating the Hybris Marketing platform with A/B Testing and analytics results in a more agile approach. However, to achieve greater efficiency and customer insight, you need a marketing strategy with a well-formulated hypothesis.

Marketing strategy – find a winner

A/B testing lets you experiment with any aspect of an email that might influence the conversion rate, such as subject line, format and content. Consequently, you need to have a clear goal for each test to obtain unambiguous results. If you test single variables and keep all the other elements fixed, your hypothesis will be either confirmed or rejected. Therefore, when you test the segment of an email, you might want to keep the rest of it as similar as possible between test and control group.
SAP Hybris Marketing is not just a marketing platform - it’s part of a data-driven culture of improvement. By effectively combining four tools: A/B testing, analytics, marketing automation and strategy you will have insight. This insight will enable you to make your conversion rates soar, provide you with the means to turn those conversions into clients and deliver the data you need to continue to improve your business.


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