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24 October 2010

John Appleby

John Appleby

Global Head of Sales

Having spent 2 weeks in Teched – in Berlin and then Las Vegas, our dear leader asked me if anyone had written a summary. The messaging is all too clear to me, but then I’ve been immersed in it for 2 weeks! So for those if you who haven’t been following my twitter feed, here’s a whistle stop tour of TechEd. If you have time only to read one article, make it the following - SAP TechEd: the wrap by Dennis Howlett. Otherwise, here’s the messages point by point, with links to interesting reading material:

NetWeaver is alive and well.

Vishal said that since the NetWeaver message hadn’t been clearly sent out for 3 years, it was time to revive that NetWeaver is alive, well and strategic to SAP. I’ve summarised this message in the following blog - NetWeaver is dead! Long live NetWeaver!

Vishal: “I am not a donut”

Thankfully unlike JFK, Vishal knows what a Berliner means. Here’s some key messages: from Dennis Howlett’s great blog: ‘Stack wars are missing the point’. ‘We only use Intel processors’. ‘SAP foundation is NetWeaver’. ‘Business ByDesign architecture is the future’

SAP has three technology pillars: Cloud.

SAP is investing in on-Demand solutions like Business ByDesign. Michael Koch summarises it well in this blog by Michael Koch. 

SAP has three technology pillars: In-Memory.

SAP has clearly invested heavily in in-memory solutions and this is no clearer than with the HANA appliance. This is the next generation of BWA and allows you to index anything. They have already indexed SCN – and by that I mean all the blogs, forums, content, wiki, points and web logs. I saw a demo and was impressed. See HANA - An HP and SAP collaborative, unique, end-to-end technology innovation!

SAP has three technology pillars: Mobile.

Actually I think I summarised mobile well in my blog on SAPs Mobile Strategy...but then I would. Mobile is strategic to SAP but they need to put their money where their mouth is – and they have to some extent by creating a new Mobile Business Unit. Check out the video version too in an interview with Dennis Howlett.

Innovation Weekend was awesome.

I went to Innovation Weekend in Vegas – a 30 hour hackathon using the latest non-released SAP technologies. You should too, if you get the chance to do it next year. Here’s a blog about the event by Steve Williams - and my personal contribution...Innovation Weekend and the irony of "fixing SCN from within".

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John Appleby

Global Head of Sales

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