Bluefin at SAPPHIRENOW 2015

4 May 2015

John Appleby

John Appleby

Global Head of Sales

Over the next 24 hours, 25,000 people in the SAP ecosystem will converge on Orlando for the largest SAP conference in the year, SAPPHIRE NOW. There are so many activities going on, but I’m very proud that Bluefin will for the first time be an exhibitor, and we have a jammed packed schedule of cool things that we’ve produced on our own, and with our partners.

Do watch out for us at SAPPHIRE because we have a few tricks up our sleeve yet – a few surprises and a few things which are under NDA or embargo. It’s going to be an awesome 3 days.

New book: Building the Business Case for SAP HANA

I've written a book titled “Building the Business Case for SAP HANA”, edited by Jon Reed and with a foreword from Steve Lucas (President, Platform Solutions Group at SAP) and introduction from Geoff Scott (CEO of the Americas SAP User Group) will be released at SAPPHIRE.

Visit the SAP HANA Innovation Awards on Tuesday evening, or come and see us and we will find you a copy!

Unleashing Lightening with SAP S/4 HANA and SGI

At SAP TechEd in 2014, we showcased a 480 core, 12TB analytics showcase with SAP HANA. If you missed that, it’s still available on YouTube for posterity!

This year at SAPPHIRE NOW, we asked the folks at SGI to beef up that system and it’s now 24TB, which is big enough for the biggest and most complex SAP ECC systems in the world. In case you didn’t believe it worked, we’ve cooked up a demo.

We’ve taken the products from a popular consumer goods company and we’re executing sales transactions, and turning them into billing documents in SAP S/4HANA. Because we wanted to prove our point, we will be performance-testing S/4HANA live.

Come and visit SGI Booth 168 to see just how fast and stable S/4HANA is and how it can run the biggest customers in the world.

The Internet of Health with Lenovo

At the other end of the spectrum, we’ve partnered with our friends at Lenovo and Motorola. We have build the H.860 standard for patient interchange into a SAP HANA Core Data Services model (thanks to Tom Jung at SAP for his kind assistance, as always).

The model allows for all aspects of healthcare to be used, including payer, provider, clinician, patients, claims, diagnoses and much more! In fact with just a modest 512GB HANA system like the one we are demoing at SAPPHIRE, we are able to model the needs of a small country.

The goal of this is to reduce the cost of longterm healthcare by reducing the instance of non-communicable diseases, which is a WHO millennium goal.

Here’s a link to an article with more information!

Healthcare wouldn’t be anything without wearables in 2015, so our demo pulls heart rate and step information from Motorola’s Moto 360 smart watch and pushes it up to HANA on a regular basis, for further analysis on our SAPUI5 health dashboard.

Come and see us at Lenovo Booth 254 to learn more!

Bluefin booth 453

Clearly manning two other partner booths wasn’t enough, so we also have our own booth where you can meet the Bluefin team, see our SGI and Lenovo demos and also see our Analytics demos.

How can customers use BW on HANA to derive new insights and drive customer retention? We use SAP BW and the LSA++ model to collate data from multiple data sources in real-time and display them using the SAP Analytics suite.

Here’s a picture of one such analysis, but we have many more including predictives, Lumira, Design Studio and much more.

Speaking slots

Tuesday 3pm, Theatre 1: John Appleby from Bluefin and Brian Freed from SGI will present on how we built the 100TB S/4HANA system and discuss the future of large-scale S/4HANA systems and how to build a roadmap to do the same in your organization – Session PT20837.

Wednesday 11am, Demo Theatre PT410: John Appleby from Bluefin and Neil McGovern from SAP recognize quantifiable, observable financial benefits with an in-memory data warehouse. Learn how the SAP Business Warehouse powered by SAP HANA application provides an approach to establishing a business case for modernizing your organization – Session PT20273.

Wednesday 3pm, Partner Center Demo Theatre PS605: Brenton O’Callaghan from Bluefin and Richard Travis from Lenovo will showcase our Internet of Health demo with Moto 360 watches, Lenovo Yoga tablets, Lenovo HANA servers with HA and DR – Session PS26323.

Thursday 4pm, Partner Center Microforum PS606: James Appleby from Bluefin and Brian Freed from SGI will explore ways companies can reduce business process complexity as they reengineer and simplify their underlying IT infrastructures – Session PS26243.

The Bluefin team

I also want to take a few moments to call out the Bluefin team that worked on the SAPPHIRE program. It’s personally been one of the most amazing experiences I’ve seen, to see such a large group of people come together to build these demos, especially when they are all busy with their day job. There have been some very late nights put in!

On the marketing side, Alex, Chloe and Ayisha have worked tirelessly to get our booth, book, messaging and logistics in place. The turnaround of the book, in particular, was a masterpiece of execution and design.

On the infrastructure side, Lloyd and Srinivas have supported across some 10+ HANA systems with over 100TB of DRAM, building systems, fixing problems, and being a big part of the SAPPHIRE experience. Also thanks to our IT folks Kevin, G, Jesus and Keith who have had some infrastructure problems during this project which have meant they worked even longer hours than normal.

On the Analytics demo, Mark, James, Yoong-En, Kang, Neil and others worked to create a set of beautiful demos which have awesome reuse capabilities.

For the 100TB S/4HANA system, Pete, Mark, John, Sarah, Karun, Catherine and Robert were the masterminds of data, Fiori dashboards and creating incredible throughput – amazing work. Also thanks to all of those who contributed to the S/4 Hackathon – many more names besides.

And last but not least on the Internet of Health, Brenton led a dream team including DJ Adams to build this in just 3 weeks.

The Bluefin team on the ground at SAPPHIRE: James, Randall, Fred, Peter, Chloe, Tristan, Mark, Cliff and Brenton.

A special mention has to go to Darina, who came up with the idea to reach out to a much broader audience to build this demo, and has been the glue that held us all together.

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