The single, most important reason you should use the cloud

14 January 2014

Jamie Brown

Jamie Brown


There are lots of reasons as to why you should use the cloud. But, for an organisation, what is the deepest most meaningful reason to embrace cloud technology? I’ll tell you this now - it’s not scalability, it’s not security, and it’s not even cost.

Certainly, there are many benefits to using the cloud in your organisation, and everyone’s reasons for using it will be different. If scalability is important, cloud will typically bring you a lot of value. If keeping costs low is important, cloud can (but not always) bring you much more for less. If mobility is crucial, cloud makes sense.

But these examples are features of cloud technologies, and they are not reasons, on their own, to use cloud. These features on their own don’t explain why you should use the cloud. For the real why, you need to think deeply and question the real value investing in cloud can bring you.

To do this you must think outside the features box, above the pros and cons for your business, and beyond the cost. Instead you should understand that the reason you’re looking to embrace the cloud is to allow your business to focus on what it does best.

Business analysts should not have to concern themselves with complicated report setups, marketing managers should not have to work off archaic back-end systems without a proper UI, and decision makers should not have to wait hours or days to get the information they need. Putting the technology aside, there’s an ideal your organisation should be working towards. And cloud technologies can help you achieve this by allowing your organisation and the people within it to focus on what they do best.

Technology should be invisible. It should improve organisations, help lives and empower people. It should allow everyone to get on with whatever they should be more concerned with, rather than servicing the technology around them. In other words, technology should serve us, not the other way round. And it is cloud technologies that can enable this. With today’s pace of exponential advancement in technology this has never been truer.

So the single, most important reason you should use the cloud?

By embracing the cloud, you’re asking the technology to serve you and your business, to allow you to get on with what it does best. At the deepest level, this should be the only reason why.



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