The time is now: leveraging the Internet of Things with SAP Leonardo

20 March 2017

James Longden

James Longden


Whether it's a smart egg tray helping you crack into the freshest yolk, or an internet enabled cat feeder, the Internet of Things (IoT) is delivering quirky innovations by the dozen. Now, don't get me wrong, optimising egg consumption or maintaining feline friendships are things that some people ‘need’ in their lives, but what about end to end production visibility? Okay, I know, it doesn't have the same zing as ‘petnet’ or ‘egg minder’… but bear with me.

SAP Leonardo, utilising the Internet of Things 

James-Longden-Leonardo-Content-2.jpgAs we embark into what is shaping up to be an interesting year, SAP is pushing its IoT Platform, SAP Leonardo, and this is no gentle nudge. With SAP pledging to invest €2 billion and rolling out a jump start program, Leonardo is being thrust into 2017 and is fast becoming a hot topic.

SAP Leonardo offers a wealth of automation and intelligence across your enterprise, connecting internet-enabled devices to your business practices. This allows you to harness new data, creating truly digital processes end to end, promising game changing models of operation.

We now live in a society of mass connected devices. This is apparent through our day-to-day interactions: phones, tablets, laptops, watches… but what about applications in industry? A multitude of smart devices are scattered across machines creating new data access points across your process.

What the SAP Leonardo portfolio offers is a platform of tools to extract data from these devices, from all aspects of any process/pipe line, creating a digital end-to-end view of your business. 

How could it work? 

To put this into context, let’s think about manufacturing. At the production end of the pipeline, SAP Leonardo will mine vital data from your equipment on the manufacturing floor in real-time. Network this information across multiple sites and you have a transparent up to date view of machine operation and the opportunity to become much more proactive when it comes to maintenance. This leads to less down time and decreased manufacturing costs. Moreover, at the other end of the pipeline, quicker identification of maintenance will increase fulfilment of delivery commitments to your customers. 

Now is the time 

The IoT used to be a ‘blue sky’ concept; something that was cool but not accessible at an enterprise level. As with everything, there have been early adopters and trailblazers but SAP has provided a ‘way in’ with the Leonardo Jump Start Program. There is a clear chance to identify some real use cases in your business and hop onto a platform that is likely to create some of the largest segment growth in business value.  

Some of these benefits include, but are not limited to: 

  • Lower Costs-Increase Uptime-New Business Process 
  • Improve Turnaround-New Revenue-New Business Models 
  • Waste Reduction -Faster Deliveries-New Work Environments 

The jump start program by SAP is looking to help your business develop use cases that achieve the benefits listed above in across your business, from products to people and everything in between. 

Source: SAP 

So, in the words of Da Vinci himself, we now know… we must apply.

More information on the SAP Leonardo Jump Start program.

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