The First UI5con - thoughts from a day of sharing

18 March 2016

James Hale

James Hale

Development Consultant

The 11th of March marked the first ever community event for OpenUI5 and SAPUI5: UI5con. Held in Frankfurt, the day was a fantastic experience, and I'd like to briefly share my three main thoughts that I've brought home with me.

UI5 is no longer a side project


This was the first conference for UI5, an event spearheaded by the UI5 community and SAP mentors, not just by SAP themselves. The idea of an event was conceived as a result of constant mentions from people working with UI5 looking for like-minded individuals to meet, learn from and share their creations with, whilst having some fun along the way. 

The day was packed with presentations and sessions from a huge range of experts, including our own fellow Bluefinians Leo van HengelSean Campbell (creator of the OpenUI5 Slack group) and Nathan Adams. It was also great to see talks from both SAP employees and Mentors, showcasing what can be incorporated into our future projects. Filling two rooms with content for the whole day is no easy task, but the number of compelling session submissions made it difficult for us to choose where to be!

OpenUI5 is at the heart of SAPUI5, and underpins SAP’s next generation of enterprise applications and Fiori-based interface. This provides the majority of the enterprise framework’s inner workings for free use within any project. Michael Graf, SAP Developer, delivered the last session of the day and provided us with insight into the adoption of OpenUI5 (not SAPUI5) since SAP released their open-source framework in 2014. With over half a million launches and more than 30 GitHub projects aiding in UI5 development, it’s evident that we’re going to be seeing much more in this space in the future.   

This IS a community


Presenters from UI5con

The number of people that dedicated their time and effort both on, and running up to, the day is astounding. Within the community customers, developers and designers are sharing their victories of what they've built, as well as the battle scars picked up along the way. We're all doing similar things, and it makes sense to give back and help others along that same journey. On the day, from the presentations to the social events afterwards, there was an inspiring group of people to connect with, which made it an unforgettable experience.

UI5 isn't just SAP

The range of topics covered at UI5con was vast. From working with OData services in Cloud for Customer to using voice control to navigate through your applications, it’s easy to see the real-world applications that can be taken from this. Maybe voice control could be used where people aren’t always at a desk, or need to have accessibility options turned on? The ways in which UI5 is being utilised by developers are fantastic and the data and systems that it can interact with are limited only by our own imagination. 

In fact, UI5 even overflowed into SAP Inside Track Frankfurt the next day! For several of the presentations UI5 was used in some way, in particular with talks about the Internet of Things. How about using UI5 to display temperature data from a Raspberry Pi for weather analysis, or have some fun and steer a HANA connected remote control car? We're beginning to see the realisation from developers that they can use UI5 in many different types of applications, and not just within the realms of "normal" SAP.

Closing thoughts

It has been an absolute pleasure to be a part of the first event held for UI5. Created by the community, for the community, we're showing that UI5 is expanding both inside and outside of SAP applications, and that the community behind it is growing stronger as time goes by. After the success that we've seen from this event, I’m looking forward to news of the next UI5con soon.

If you want to know more about the event, check out Kimmo’s great event recap on the SCN here, and the OpenUI5 slack group here.

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James Hale

Development Consultant

James is the first person to try something new and deliver something great for clients to use. He has a love for great user experiences, and incorporates this into everything that he does. A techie at heart, James loves to tinker and play around with the latest technologies, and enjoy working with clients to build something that best suits their needs and works great.


As an experienced ABAPer, James’s latest escapades stretches from BW projects right over to core ECC and NetWeaver Gateway.

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