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20 September 2016

Hamish Walker

Hamish Walker


For most companies it takes weeks to prepare the presentation material for big board meetings. The numbers used are normally saved offline and copied into slides which means the decisions made can be based on out of date figures. Can the board do what-if analysis in the meeting? No. Can they drill down to line item detail? No. But, this does not have to be the case anymore.

What is SAP Digital Boardroom?

Built on top of SAP Business Objects Cloud, SAP Digital Boardroom is the best way of presenting the different visualisations and stories in an intuitive and interactive way for meetings. Discover more about the capabilities of SAP Business Objects Cloud (formally SAP Cloud for Analytics). With SAP Digital Boardroom overarching all of these capabilities, the real value behind them can be realised.  

SAP Digital Boardroom runs on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, and on-premise systems and other cloud solutions are able to connect to this as illustrated below.

Source: SAP

Reimagine the boardroom for the digital economy

The idea behind the SAP Digital Boardroom is to have a product which gives the users total transparency to their entire business, enabling data driven insights to be made in real time, and simplifying the boardroom process both before and during the meeting itself. It is not just boardroom executives who can benefit from this product; any management meeting would be enhanced with this tool.

So what are the features?

SAP Digital Boardroom is designed to be used on three screens: the first being an overview screen of key KPIs which would normally stay static throughout the meeting, the second is the main exploration screen where details of the current agenda point can be seen and drilled down into, and the third is the context screen which gives additional information around the main screen item.  

Source: SAP

Having seen SAP Digital Boardroom tool in action, I recognise the value it can bring: an update was made in Customer Relationship Management which was connected to SAP Business Objects Cloud and this change was immediately realised in the dashboards. A deep dive into this opportunity then took place with a predictive scenario simulating the best, worst and predicted outcomes on revenue if the opportunity was successfully closed. 

As this opportunity was from an overseas customer, a what-if analysis looking at currency fluctuations was then completed; something which previously would have taken hours was done in a few seconds! Using the collaborative features, this analysis was then shared and discussed with other users. 

Overall, the look and feel of the visualisations are great and the stories that can be created mean that countless more decisions can be made within the actual meetings, rather than having to revisit them at a later date once analysis has been undertaken. SAP Digital Boardroom is way more than just a ‘pretty’ dashboard; it’s a powerhouse of information from which businesses can make more informed and timely decisions. 


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