Celebrating the engine of the Fiori revolution - the 30UI5 ebook

20 October 2015

DJ Adams

DJ Adams

Principal Consultant & Mobile, UX and Development Centre of Excellence Lead

Last month saw the milestone release of 1.30 of SAP's UI5 toolkit, the engine that is powering the vast majority of the Fiori User Experience (UX) revolution. For SAP TechEd 2015 we're releasing a downloadable electronic version of the "30 Days of UI5" series of blog post written to celebrate that.

UPDATED: 09 Nov 2015 - Now available as a Kindle version on Amazon!

Last month, I wrote about our "30 Days of UI5" series of blog posts in The advent of UI5 1.30 and what it means for us. It was a joint effort between a number of our developer community team members, and SAP colleagues too. It exists in its original form as a series of 30 blog posts, but for SAP TechEd 2015 we're releasing the series as a complete electronic version, for your reading pleasure!

It seems fitting to release it right now. While I'm not at SAP TechEd USA in Las Vegas (except in spirit, as I seem to have appeared* in the hallways of the SAP TechEd convention centre, see right, *blush*), I know that there will be plenty of transactional and application eye candy on screens all around the place.

And you can bet your bottom dollar that much of it will be powered by the engine of that Fiori revolution - SAP's UI5 toolkit.

* photo courtesy of Jason Cao - thanks!

So to celebrate that, to thank the super teams of developers and designers at SAP who have nurtured UI5 from the ground up, and to share with you some hopefully interesting and intricate aspects of that toolkit, it seems appropriate to release the series as a downloadable whole. As a bonus, it has a great foreword from one of the core UI5 developers Andreas Kunz, with some great history of where UI5 came from. Worth the download alone!

First up, for SAP TechEd USA in Las Vegas this week, we have the PDF version. It's less than 100 pages, so go nuts, buy some ink, print it off, and enjoy a relaxing soak in the bath with it.

If you're more of a Kindle person, then we'll be releasing a version for you in time for SAP TechEd EMEA in Barcelona in November, so watch this space! UPDATE: Now available!

So, without further ado, the PDF version of 30 Days of UI5 is available here: 30 Days of UI5 - PDF Version.

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DJ Adams

Principal Consultant & Mobile, UX and Development Centre of Excellence Lead

DJ Adams is a developer, author, speaker & teacher living in Manchester, working as a Principal Consultant here at Bluefin. He also heads up our Mobile, UX and Development Centre of Excellence in the UK.

He has a degree in Latin & Greek (Classics) from the University of London, and despite having been referred to as an alpha geek, can nevertheless tie his own shoelaces and drink beer without spilling it.

He has written two books for O’Reilly (Programming Jabber and Google Pocket Guide), co-written and edited a book on UI5 and is a co-author of the SAP Press book Practical Workflow for SAP (3rd Ed.). His latest book, also for SAP Press, is SAP Fiori and SAPUI5: Debugging the User Interface.

He writes posts on his own weblog, on Language Ramblings, on the SAP Community Network and here on Bluefin's website. He's been hacking on SAP software since 1987.

He is an SAP Mentor, a member of the SAP Mentor Advisory Board, and a member of the SAP Developer Advisory Board. He created one of the first SAP developer communities back in 1995, and co-created the SAP Developer Network (now known as the SAP Community Network) back in 2003.

He's been involved in teaching kids to code, ran a Code Club at his local primary school, ran a centre in Manchester for Young Rewired State, and has been a volunteer at Manchester CoderDojo.

He is married to his theoretical childhood sweetheart Michelle, and has a son, Joseph, of whom he is very proud.

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