The Bluefindex - putting my money where my mouth is

23 November 2010

Dan Hawker

Dan Hawker

Former Head of Tobacco, Wholesale & Retail

I’ve just invested a reasonable amount of money in a portfolio of shares in some of our quoted customers - 3 consumer products organisations and a defence company so far. My intention is to hold onto these for long term and add to the portfolio as new listed customers come into our fold. (And aside: Interestingly, a surprising number of our customers are privately owned or listed outside of the UK – this is perhaps the subject of another blog).

So why have I done this? Simple: to put myself in the shoes of our customers’ shareholders.

I work hard to understand the perspective of my customers and to empathise with their challenges. This way of working is something I try to instil within everyone at Bluefin Solutions. But usually ‘the customer’ is the people we are dealing with directly, either in the business departments or IT. They are the people involved in the management of the company, not the owners.

Over the next few months, I’ll be assessing my portfolio with my ‘owner’ hat on. In doing so, I’ll be asking what Bluefin Solutions is doing that is directly addressing the needs of the owners. Is Bluefin working on projects that really increase the economic value of the companies we are working for? And if not, how can we – and/or should we – change to address these drivers?

I’ll share what I can as time unfolds.

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