The Chancellors Autumn statement - an opportunity (?)

6 December 2012

Chris Smith

Chris Smith

Former Head of Digital Transformation

Yesterday the Chancellor issued the Autumn Statement. Headlines in the media have focused on the decline in GDP and that its going to take a year longer to remove the structural deficit. It was also announced that public sector departments would have further reductions in expenditure, initially by 1%, but growing to 2%.

For those in the public sector this undoubtedly presents a challenge on how to maintain front line services, whilst for us in  the ICT sector it could be seen as a double edged sword. But then I sat I considered this statement and came it a different conclusion; it's actually good news for SME companies like Bluefin Solutions. We bring innovation, flexibility, agility to the table all things that public sector organisations will now need and their traditional SI struggle to provide.

So rather than being depressed out the Autumn Statement I'm rather buoyant because it represents a great opportunity for us to help HMGovt work more efficiently.

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