Chris Choy

Chris Choy



Whilst working at Apple, Chris developed a passion for streamlining business processes through the use of mobile technologies. This passion has remained with him throughout his career. Chris boasts a broad range of skillsets ranging from SAP Fiori and SAP Cloud Platform development to Agile SCRUM Practices. 

Chris is a Mobile, UX and Development (MUD) Practice Lead focusing on Methodologies & Tools. As a Certified SCRUM Master (CSM) and SCRUM Developer (CSD), he has worked across a multitude of projects, which have gone on to win awards such as the 2016 SAP Quality Awards within the UKI (Gold) and EMEA (Bronze) regions.

Having been working with Bluefin since 2014, Chris has predominantly worked across all industries enabling organisations to migrate their IT infrastructure onto the Cloud, transforming their IT landscapes to better serve their customers.

Outside of work Chris is a Martial Arts Practitioner who actively enjoys learning, teaching and sharing his knowledge and skills.

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