Proof that SAP HANA can enable innovation!

11 June 2015

Brenton O'Callaghan

Brenton O'Callaghan

Global Head of SAP Leonardo

I’m a passionate advocate of SAP HANA both from a suite migration perspective (BWOH/ECC etc.) and an innovation platform perspective. An investment in HANA doesn’t have to stop at the boundaries of your systems-of-record like ECC or CRM - HANA can, and should, be utilised for so many more scenarios, whether it’s being run in the Cloud or on-premise. As a facilitator of innovation, SAP HANA is right up there in my opinion as it allows me to design create and deploy amazing business applications easily.

I worked on a great example of this for this year’s SAPPHIRENOW. With 25,000 attendees wanting to understand the next evolution of SAP core systems through S/4HANA, as well as the SAP HANA roadmap, myself, John Appleby and DJ Adams decided to illustrate the power of HANA combined with another topic of the day - the Internet of Things (IoT). We based our demo around healthcare and biometrics.

What did we do?

We created a real-time healthcare app on SAP HANA to monitor the biometric data of selected participants at the event. As they wandered around the show we utilised the data from their smart watches and pushed that data into SAP HANA so we could monitor, analyse and visualise that data in real-time.

The demo was built and run on an SAP HANA server which was present on the show floor and hosted by our good friends at Lenovo.

The demo front-end was, of course, SAP Fiori based and we created a UI which would allow us to monitor the participants’ in real-time and compare their movements, heart-rates and of distance.

The Biometrics element was achieved using Google's Fit API along with the Android Wear devices which, in this case, took the form of the Moto360 smart watch. The accompanying phone to these devices, a MotoX smartphone, was used to push our live data into SAP HANA over the internet and from there, our native SAP HANA app enabled us to visualise the data using the SAP Fiori front-end.


But this post is about how SAP HANA can enable innovation. The demo was developed and deployed within three weeks and mostly worked on during our spare time! HANA provided everything that we needed to develop and deploy this demo without the need for complex integration or area specialists. This is the reason I believe that utilising a platform like SAP HANA can really enable your own teams to design, build and deploy amazing applications which will benefit your business.

And if you don't believe me - give the Cloud trial version ( a whirl yourself or try out the free training courses ( on how to get started. You’ll see what I mean when you get started!

What are you waiting for?

If you’re interested in more in-depth information on how this demo was built you can check out my the technical overview How we built our IOT on SAP HANA demo for SAPPHIRE 2015

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Brenton O'Callaghan

Global Head of SAP Leonardo

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To date I've focussed on emerging technologies in the SAP space from in-memory with SAP HANA since 2011 to SAP Leonardo released in 2017.  I've led award winning projects using these technologies including one of the first SAP Fiori implementations globally for Bluefin.

All of my focus currently is on introducing my Fortune 250 clients to the SAP Leonardo Innovation process, helping them kick-start a program of digital innovation using the SAP Cloud Platform.  I also work closely with SAP's Leonardo and HANA product teams to help them develop roadmaps and bring customer feedback closer to these products.

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