Retailer’s survival guide in a digital age of personalisation

7 March 2014

Barry Moles

Barry Moles


Shopping has radically altered the high street in just the past few years. So drastic the change – driven by consumers using the internet to shop for the best deal – that big traditional retailers are struggling under the financial weight of having too many stores, not enough sales.

Compounding the challenge, many retailers have not evolved their operating models to reflect the shifts in online consumption and purchasing habits. In other words, while retailers have spent on transactional point-of-sale technologies for years, they have been slower to move their businesses into the digital age centred on the needs and wants of customers. For example, according to research published in Retail Digital, 49 of the top 50 UK retailers do not have responsive website that is mobile friendly.

“The Retailer’s Survival Guide in a Digital Age of Personalisation’ is loaded with innovative ideas retail executives should consider when developing a new business model of the future centred on serving the needs and wants of customers.” Cathy Barnes, Professor of Retail Innovation, and Director of the Faraday Centre for Retail Excellence at Leeds Metropolitan University

With the retail landscape changing fast, it’s important that retailers have a clear, agile business strategy that can adapt to, and exploit, market opportunities. To ensure a sustainable competitive advantage, they must analyse customer data and utilise technology to define a customer-centric business strategy.

“The Retailer’s Survival Guide” sets out the rationale, strategy and practical steps required for retailers to prosper in a new digital age of personalisation.  Readers will:

  • Find out which UK retailers are currently at risk of failing
  • Learn about the latest technologies being deployed by retailers to get closer to customers
  • Get useful tips and tools including a check-list  assess the healthiness of your organisation

“British retailers need to do more to spark innovation within their organisation if they are to win the hearts and minds of customers.  Retail chiefs need to accelerate the adoption of new technologies in order to drive through transformational strategic and operational improvements. These will deliver long-term business value including improving customer loyalty across new and existing channels – online, mobile and in-store.” Barry Moles, Consultant, Bluefin Solutions

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About the author

Barry Moles


I am a retail expert, having spent more than 20 years in numerous managerial and operational roles including merchandise, supply chain, finance and marketing.

I bring a unique hands-on perspective to advising clients having worked in every retail category (food, electrical, clothing, telecoms, pharmacy, charity) across all consumer channels (out of town, online, shopping centres, department stores, concessions and outlet villages) for major retailers in the United Kingdom.

My passion, amongst many hot topics facing retailers, is helping senior executives and their teams plan and run omni-channel retail strategies.

When I am not with a client, I can either be found on the high street or travelling the world with my family.

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