What Is the Intelligent Core of an Automated Enterprise?

17 January 2019

Arun Rangaraju

Arun Rangaraju

Global Head of Enterprise Applications

Arun Rangaraju, Head of Global Head of Enterprise Applications at Mindtree explains the importance of an Intelligent Core to automate your business. So, what is an Intelligent Core you may ask - read on to find out.

When we talk about the automated enterprise applications, we are talking specifically about data-centricity and continuous innovation on a real-time intelligent core. In the automated enterprise, there is one standard across the enterprise—storage, network, processes, databases, and more – that enables this dynamic environment.

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About the author

Arun Rangaraju

Global Head of Enterprise Applications

A desire to be at the forefront of technology is a driving force in my career. From influencing my decision to move into the SAP world two decades ago, to inspiring me in my current role as SVP and Global Head of the SAP business at Bluefin and Mindtree, my key passion is concentrating on the opportunities digital transformation can offer enterprises.

As SAP’s focus turns to SAP HANA, cloud and mobile, Bluefin is uniquely positioned as one of its go-to innovation partners. We advise and deliver solutions to enable enterprise customers excel by collaborating to create leaner, more agile versions of their former selves.

I recognise that people make a company, so it’s crucial that we encourage the consulting mindset within Bluefin and allow our talent to flourish.

Outside of work, my interests are wide and varied: from family to sport to theatre, not forgetting music (my lucky neighbours have the pleasure of listening to me jamming with friends on a weekend!)


Bluefin and SAP S/4HANA - welcome to the one horse race

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