Alex McCracken

Alex McCracken

Global Marketing & Alliances Director


Alex has worked in technology marketing for over 20 years. A keen pianist from a young age, Alex’s dreams came true when he left university and landed his first marketing role in the music industry with Emagic software in the 1990s. Life soon got in the way, he got married and had children, necessitating a “proper job”.

Alex joined Hummingbird in 1997 – a software company most famous for AS400 Emulation Systems. He went from working with the Spice Girls to working with IBM mainframes with green screens.  Narrowly surviving both the Millennium Bug and the Dotcom Boom there, Alex learned about B2B marketing at a time where marketing budgets were plentiful, everything was hype and telemarketing was witchcraft.

Frustrated by poor customer service he received from marketing agencies whilst at Hummingbird, Alex moved agency-side and a co-founded Liquid Media Group in 2005. Liquid Media was a full-service marketing agency in four countries providing services for Microsoft, Intel, Oracle, CSC, Logica and 1st Software.

This loss of creative control that comes with working agency-side (coupled with a bit of a recession in 2008) led him to make the leap back over the fence to corporate marketing, this time to the analytics and structured data space, where he has been ever since.

Alex’s B2B marketing approach is very commercially focussed. He prefers a pipeline to a mood board, to the point where many consider him to be “more sales than marketing”. He argues that there is no fundamental difference, it’s all about outcomes, created by empathy and persuasion.

Since 2014, Alex has been Global Marketing Director at Bluefin, leading an award-winning marketing team across three continents. Still married, now with three children, Alex remains a frustrated wannabe rock-star.

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