Webinar - Can advanced analytics prevent corporate fraud?

Businesses have always needed to protect themselves against fraud. However, today they must also protect themselves from the risk of bribery by their staff, their agents and their business partners.   

Furthermore, fraud and bribery is increasingly perpetuated by criminals who are sophisticated in their use of technology. This webinar will highlight how anti-bribery regulation and bribery prosecutions have developed in recent times. It will also explore how an organisation can use technology to protect itself and, how that same technology may at some point become not only a useful but a necessary tool in a company's defence against a bribery prosecution.

The webinar brings together a numbers of speakers who will provide insight into:

  • Global law on business corruption and fraud
  • Examples of recent fraud and bribery prosecutions
  • How a global business can protect itself from bribery prosecution
  • What constitutes "adequate procedures"
  • When is use of technology necessary for adequate procedures 


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