Socitm 2014

Bluefin Solutions is presenting at Soctim, 2014. This year's conference will provide an opportunity to help construct and realise a compelling vision for online public services. 

Drawing on contributions from leading politicians, industry experts and local practitioners, the event will help ICT professionals from across the public sector to take on the challenge of designing and articulating the value of a deeper digital presence.

 With more austerity likely, Local Authorities are expected to deliver increasing services using fewer resources. Bluefin’s Cloud4Council omni channel digital platform uses mobility and cloud technologies to deliver services to customers; be they citizens, local communinities, staff or partner agencies.

This ability to simultaneously “push services out” and “pull customers in” creates a technology bridge across the Public Sector digital divide, promoting self-service, automating service delivery and reducing resource requirements.

Chris Smith, Bluefin's Head of Public Sector, will present on  “Exposing the hidden cost Savings of an effective mobile strategy”.

The session will take place on Day 1 of the conference at 14:45. You can view the full agenda here.

The presentation will cover:

  • Cost savings available to Public Sector organisations by deploying a mobile strategy (maintaining services, accelerating engagement, reducing overheads)

  • How to push services to customers (citizens/staff/agencies) using Cloud and Mobile technologies

  • Lessons learned from other Public and Private sector organisations in delivering effective mobile solutions.

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