POSTPONED: SAP Analytics Cloud: A name changer or a game changer?

We are sorry to advise that we are postponing this event until September.   They say "good things are worth waiting for" and that's the case here.  Our experts are busy cooking up something a little special in the Bluefin Lab .... more news on that soon.

Cloud technologies are offering organisations the opportunity to rethink the way they operate in an age where access to data, lightning quick decisions and automation are king. It is unsurprising then, that Cloud is a big focus at the moment for many vendors, SAP being no different. 

The recently renamed SAP Analytics Cloud is the SAP SaaS offering for Analytics, and is a one stop shop for end users to access BI, Planning and Predictive capabilities, reducing the reliance on IT. 

Whether you are a seasoned BI professional, someone looking to understand how the cloud could be utilised, or have a new BI project and not sure the best way to meet the requirements, the Analytics portfolio can be comprehensive and confusing in the same breath.

That's where we come in. At Bluefin, we believe and understand that every customer is different and so is each journey.

Join Pete Humble, Director for BI & HANA centre of Excellence at Bluefin Solutions and Iver van de Zand, Global head of Analytics & Leonardo for SAP on our upcoming webinar to hear about the key functionality of SAP Analytics Cloud and why it is a game changer in the SAP Analytics space. 
You will come away from this webinar with a better understanding of how to start your Cloud analytics journey with 3 key steps: 

Think big: Understand how to develop a roadmap tailored to your organisation.
Start small: Get insights on the different ways your organisation could easily start this journey.
Act now: Discover what you can do today to get your organisation on the path to success.

If your organisation is considering how to utilise Cloud Analytics, this webinar is not to be missed!
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