Publishers’ Technology Forum: driving value from your SAP landscape

The publishing industry is going through seismic changes in the way that content is published and sold. This is largely driven by the digitisation of publishing processes and the online and mobile consumption of content.

Many publishers see their existing SAP back-office environment as an obstacle to keeping up with the pace of change as they perceive the platforms to be too ‘old’ and ‘inflexible’ to support new business and technology requirements.

The Publishers’ Technology Forum will dispel these perceptions and demonstrate how organisations can drive more value from their existing SAP landscape without huge additional investments. Attendees will also learn how increased benefits in the short-term can add momentum to the digital transformation journey.

As well as hot topics, such as managing subscription renewal processes and engaging consumers, interactive sessions will cover the following:  

  • Maximising value from existing SAP ERP investments
  • How to better understand the potential profitability of a publication which is delivered through multiple channels and assess the risk of investment
  • The use of planning tools to produce content that is more relevant and profitable
  • How S/4 HANA can simplify financial processes and standardise architecture
  • What SAP’s future roadmap looks like and how this impacts the world of Publishing.

The format of the event is designed to give delegates plenty of opportunity to discuss and debate challenges and key themes. The event, suited to senior representatives from finance, technology and business development, will conclude with a networking lunch.

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