E.N.G's automotive & retail distribution summit, 2014

Bluefin Solutions is sponsoring the E.N.G. automotive & retail distrubution summit, 2014. In its 14th year, the summit is a must-attend event for senior automotive executives focused on streamlining the dealer network to lower costs and maximise profit.

Tom Cregg, Head of Automotive Practice at Bluefin Solutions, will be running an interactive workshop titled, “Management of the dealer network:  attention to customer interaction from all touch points.”

During his session, Tom will start by outlining how each touch point contributes to the overall customer experience to create business value. He will then actively engage everyone in the room to co-create KPIs for a variety of touch points managed throughout offline and online retail environments including the web, showroom, mobile and beyond.

Contact us if you'd like to arrange a time with Tom before, during or after the event to find out how we can help you.   

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