DigitalCONNECT 2016



DigitalCONNECT 2016 is the UK’s leading interactive, hands-on event for organisations seeking disruptive technology solutions for today’s business challenges.

“Digital transformation” means different things to each organisation; for some, it’s about IoT, for others it’s Apps, for the majority there’s an element of customer engagement involved. Whatever it means to you, DigitalCONNECT 2016 will have ideas and insight to inspire you to fix today’s business problems in disruptive and transformative ways.

On the day

Attendees will be able to take part in our exclusive SAP S/4HANA Business Simulation Experience: a real-time competitive business sim played in a live SAP S/4HANA environment that covers the full cash-to-cash cycle. Competing against other delegates, you will have the unique opportunity to see the business outcomes of disruptive technologies with the aim of maximising profit first-hand and in real-time.

In addition, industry and technology experts will lead discussions surrounding common business challenges and their potential digital solutions enabling you to:

  • Exchange knowledge, ideas and experiences with others who share your business challenges
  • Connect the dots between which technology solution results in which disruptive outcome
  • Understand how you can strategically respond to the new evolving digital world 
  • Learn how to turn data in to revenue with real-time insights 
  • Gain exclusive insight on the art of the possible from Andrew de Rozairo, Vice President of Customer Innovation & Enterprise at SAP.

This is a must-attend event for any senior executives in IT, Finance, Sales and Marketing and HR, who may be grappling with the challenges of the new digital economy and would benefit from practical advice on the next steps to take.

Extended offering

Turn words into actions with one of our FREE Discovery workshop following the event. Your leadership team and technical experts will explore and visualise the reality of digital transformation for your organisation in the workshop led by one of our digital transformation specialists.

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