Database, Technology & Innovation SIG

Bluefin Solutions is taking part in the Database, Technology & Innovation SIG.

With the theme of the meeting being Mobile, Bluefin's Brenton O’Callaghan will present a session on The Internet of Things: How to get more from your data.

The connected world has brought a wealth of opportunity for organisations to tap into previously unharnessed insight. Technologies such as the SAP HANA Cloud platform, wearables, and, of course, In-memory computing via SAP HANA are changing the nature of the questions we can ask. Being able to bring these vast quantities of data into our mainstream data analysis will prove a huge differentiator for those who can achieve it.

Brenton will take you through a real IOT use case showing the scenario of the always connected person. He will show you how real-time data, such as movement analysis and even heart rate data, can be easily captured, stored and consumed through the SAP HANA Cloud platform.

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