Cloud4Council knowledge exchange forum

Local Authorities are under increasing pressure to transform the way they operate their Customer Services and to engage further with citizens and local communities whilst realising even more cost savings.

Many Councils have undertaken deep and painful cost-cutting decisions, but the traditional approaches to lowering costs while striving to maintain existing services cannot continue as a long term viable option.

In response to this, Bluefin Solutions is hosting a knowledge exchange around Cloud4Council, a cloud-based platform tailored specifically for Local Government to both simplify and improve the way authorities manage interactions with citizens.

The event will be hosted by Chris Smith, Head of Public Sector at Bluefin Solutions.

Register for a place at the breakfast briefing to have the chance to:

  • Experience the flexibility offered by an agile and scalable Cloud platform
  • Understand how Cloud4Council can help Local Authorities embrace the era of the digital citizen and comply with Central Government Digital agenda by enabling customer self-service and mobile applications deployment
  • See how the rapid deployment of Cloud4Council can quickly enhance collaboration between your citizens, Contact Centre and Service Areas
  • Fully understand the technologies involved and the first steps towards moving to a Cloud4Council platform

Following the session, Bluefin Solutions will be offering a light buffet lunch, before the official opening of the SOCITM Conference at 1pm.

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