Business breakfast: Integrated business planning for Energy & Utility companies

Energy and Natural Resources organisations are on a journey to simplify and accelerate their business planning processes to enable faster and better informed decision making.

As with most business challenges, turning this pipedream into a reality requires a combination of technology enablers and process change. Companies need to tightly integrate the process of operational planning into the financial and strategic planning processes. Bluefin Solutions has extensive experience of achieving this for clients using SAP Enterprise Performance Management tools as the technology enabler.

This business breakfast event is ideal for anyone involved in improving business planning and will include a panel discussion and Q&A with Bluefin consultants and guest speakers. This will be a knowledge-exchange event, designed to foster debate and the exchange of ideas, experiences and lessons learned.

The event will give you insight into:

  • Integrated Business Planning and how SAP can enable the process
  • The top-down approach. David Chennell, Head of Planning at British Gas will talk about how the organisation is building the foundations of integrated planning starting from the financial and strategic plan and working down to the operational driver based planning processes
  • The bottom-up approach. Flemming Binnerup, Projects Process Expert at  Maersk Oil will discuss how the company is focusing on planning at an operational level, on CAPEX and OPEX projects, to ultimately drive its financial and strategic plans.
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