Analytics Symposium

Join us at this year's Analytics Symposium to see how analytics is evolving to become an integral part of your digital core. This year's there are three deidcated streams:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Visualisation & Reporting

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The "Analytics Symposium brings together the Business Intelligence, BIG DATA and Data Visualisation & Reporting SIGs to provide one invaluable event for users of SAP BusinessObjects software"

SAP Datahub - the conduit to higher level analytics | Keynote

Data powers knowledge, insight and action. The challenge is getting the right data into the reports with the shortest pipeline, alongside automating actions from your data. Our vey own Chris Kernaghan, SAP Mentor and data expert,  looks at how you can improve data access by shortening data pipelines.

Using SAP Anlaytics Cloud and BusinessObjects, he will demonstrate how data sources can be fed by SAP Datahub to provide insight and drive actions, opening a whole world of possibilities to you when it comes to real time data, data life cycle management, as well as reporting. Here's what he'll cover:
  1. What is Datahub, what it is not
  2. Challenges our customers have with data automation
  3. How we can solve those with Data hub and automation
  4. Show some examples of data pipelines and reports

Want to learn more about SAP Data hub? Click here to claim your space

Bluefin and GB&Smith join forces to make BOBJ more awesome

As the SAP BusinessObjects experts, we’ve teamed up with GB&Smith and their 360Suite to make it even easier to migrate using their latest tools. By
removing some of the manual processes involved in migration, you can:

  • Save money
  • Save time
  • Decrease risk

Discover the power of 360Suite here


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