Trusted Associate Network

We often invite consultants who prefer a more flexible way of working and choose to operate on a freelance, self-employed basis to our Trusted Associate Network.

Our exclusive network of self-employed Trusted Associates is what we call on to extend our consultancy teams. These consultants are fully vetted and screened by us so we can guarantee they meet our standards of working with our clients.

The benefits of our Trusted Associate Network

We source work opportunities for our Trusted Associates while allowing them to retain their personal independence and flexibility. Associates work alongside our permanent consultants with blue chip clients and also benefit from being part of a strong network of external consultants in the same field, getting the chance to extend their range of contacts.

Meanwhile, by drawing on the network, we can ensure clients get flexible and expert consultancy tailored to their specific needs.

Becoming part of our Trusted Associate Network

The recruitment process to join this exclusive network is similar to that of permanent consultants. In addition, first contact must be through nomination by a client, an existing Bluefin employee or an active member of the network. If you're interested in joining, send us your CV here.

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