Training and development

Our people have an unstoppable passion for learning. We encourage this by providing the resources, tools and access to the best training and development courses available so your professional and personal goals are accomplished.

Always at the forefront

You’ll learn the latest technical developments and how to teach others, as we identify and use the latest cutting-edge technologies. In addition to on the job training, you’ll have access to the latest industry developments and thought leadership. You’ll also broaden your skill-set in the public eye with the chance to participate in sponsored events.

People-to-people skills

We recognise there are more measures of success than knowing how to write clever code. We provide extensive training to enhance your interpersonal (soft) skills. This is essential to building valued relationships with clients and colleagues, and forms part of your individual development plan (IDP) that you complete and manage. At Bluefin, you’re in control of your career.

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